Decor in the interior the best ideas



In today’s article we present several examples of decorative design decorations of different rooms, which, in our opinion, deserve a high praise and can be an example of imitation. Here you can see how the unexpected combination of textures, mix of styles and the combination of patterns give a fantastic effect, making the space balanced and harmonious.

Absolutely Zen

In front of you, the interior of a small bathroom, whose design is far from the standard idea for such a room. The decorator in this case made a bet on the combination of the padding technique of the plate on the wall and a smooth streamlined mirror with amazing shape. In addition, the color disc in the interior is chosen so that the person who considers it completely can relax and abandon everyday movement outside the bathroom. How the coffee shades work as a soft contrast for the septum’s deep ultramarine paint, and black and white counterbalance them.

Are not casual, even molds of furniture and sanitary items, they are simple, reminiscent of the silhouettes of geometric figures.

Neo decor

At first sight, it may be a living room in the most classic understanding of this word: with stucco decorations on the surface of walls and ceilings, carot crowns, elegant furniture. Nevertheless, the designer did not stay there and made the right decision to create a new classic filled with modern materials, neutral silhouettes and captivating accents.


For example, the middle of the composition is the sofa group, maintained in terracotta and cobalt shades. It is surrounded on the perimeter of furniture with smooth facades of light gray and graphite shades combined with natural white white paint on walls and facades of built-in cupboards.


The modern note is supported by unusual lighting devices similar to luminaires (floor lamps and sconces) and pieces of bikaka (chandelier).

Visual-tactile euphoria

Create a charismatic interior in the former building factories – this is not a simple but very exciting exercise, which can lead to an unexpected result. For decorators here every detail can be an aid that forms the future image of the room, such as the concrete surface of the wall, very tall windows. Against this background, soft fabrics and real wood furniture become the focus of peace and home comfort, and creative posters and lamps remind us that we are in a modern, progressive housing.

Grading of styles

Surprisingly, decorators succeeded in creating decor, whose idea may seem that many are not possible because the distinctive characteristics of different contradictory styles have been used in space.


So, for example, next to modern sofas and glazed mirrors installed retro-chair, Chinese ceramic feces. And the guest area from the entrance is separated by a remarkable decorative partition in the style of the country from a naturally colored tree.


Rock Stylization Classics

French town houses are famous because designers in their work do not neglect to use the most untouched combination of objects and colors. But as a result, the space becomes very aesthetic, elegant and completely unchanging.

In this case, a spacious living room with high ceiling, traditionally decorated with stucco, is not perceived as boring and pretentious, for every object used in the environment is contrary to the classic cannons.

For example, the band is shaped by soft modules in the center of the ceiling hanging light, reminiscent of scenic headlights, and in contrast to a large mirror over the fireplace, adjoining wall adorns a engaging abstract image.


Romantic modernity

An unpredictable feeling occurs when you look at the fancy decor in this bright bedroom with accents of a deep plum shadow. The space looks almost magical, as if separated, thanks to such decorative elements as the canopy above the bed, light furniture design, basket items and discrete accessories in context.

And yet, the modern interior makes a laconic open tip, smooth wall lining and a big picture on the wall. Really an impeccable and cozy picture, which many will enjoy.

Limited Boho Style

Bohemian style is famous for the freedom of the ice cube in every subject of the situation, but the decor in this bedroom is decorated especially thin and graceful. It only uses some features of Boho, which seems to contain the freedom of speech, but does not go beyond the concept of precision.


The background is a pure white color that supports the natural wood of the floor and a beautiful blue accent on the wall behind the bed’s head.


As the rest of the decorative filling is a graphic plaid with black pompons, a mat, the pattern of which resembles the sea surface, as well as Roman curtains of rice straw.

Ode of elegant naturalness

Who would have thought that a solid wooden table in the rustic style will look great in combination with velvet chairs and a chandelier decorated with crystal pendant. In addition to this composition, a decoration panel is used in the dining room, which is a carton painted with colored markers.

Here is an example of how, under the conditions of modern high technology space, one can form a traditional zone – a kind of natural oasis that enjoys the eye.