decor mirrors their own hands

Here are 30 amazing DIY decorative mirrors to suit any taste or style (not to mention budget.)


The model for the jewelry mirror became chrysanthemum. Are you familiar with the varieties of petals, shades flowing smoothly into the dark heart of a flower on the outer edge of the light?

Try to make a very spectacular mirror with simple disposable lozhek.Neobhodimy set of tools for the interior mirrors their own hands:

To get rid of the handles of spoons to remain only a bowl. This will help us scissors.

If you use the card, you will need here is a circle with a diameter of 46 cm.

Continue until you reach the inner edge of a small circle.

If, after gluing the last row of the remaining holes (as shown in the picture), align it with sandpaper or neatly cut.

When everyone spoons future mirrors decoration glues, apply multiple layers of paint.

You can not use color on the entire surface of "flower" because then each row will be painted in a lighter shade of the former if you start painting with the inner perimeter of the future mirrors decoration.