decorative brick in interior apartment

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The walls are decorated with "brick" not often sei town apartments. In the traditional design of decorative bricks in the interior can be seen as part of the wall decoration or in specially designed interiors in the attic.

Natural or artificial bricks in the interior can be not only interesting from the perspective of the interior, but also to add comfort. Good looking masonry bed. To satisfy the taste of the wall can be left in its original natural color, it can be coated with color to match the rest of the walls, or in contrast, which may be in harmony with gypsum traces.

Trends create new eclectic d├ęcor with a blend of styles, colors and motifs, can expand a brick in the interior of the apartment.

Decorative brick in the interior of the kitchen very well-combined with a good fashion today, furniture made of clear strict lines. The whole space looks more rustic and "hot". Perhaps all the walls in the kitchen are not worth taking the finish under a rock, the decor will be quite gloomy, but a wall or kitchen apron, completely complete the role of creating a welcoming place.

The brick in the interior of the apartment can be used everywhere, living room can also be a goal for experimentation. To note some important shades, look good in a rather spacious room masonry, which is why the ceiling interiors still look chic with a red textured surface of it porous brick.

Of course, you can put in a small brick wall, but it will give the opposite effect – instead of the beautiful interior, turn gloomy gothic cave. The correct amount of single space occupied for finishing decorative bricks in the interior should not exceed one quarter of the total surface of the walls.

Finishing decorative brick kitchen, living room 19 sqm. meter.

Modern office – not always a comfortable place, usually quite strict. Artificial stone in the interior, you can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The shadow of light red brick because it's impossible by the way, charges a positive atmosphere and joy.

Designers do not stop their radicals only on the spaces in residential areas and are willing to use a brick in the interior of the apartments and bathrooms komnatah.Osnovnaya recommendation for those who want to repeat the experience presented using a non-free wall finish.