decorative fireplaces for apartments

The fireplace in the apartment and the best
The text outlines the most popular and successful design techniques of the last years with photographs, and interesting ways of decorating the fireplace


Activate a fireplace in the interior of the apartment – a wish not only many designers, but many common people who want to watch the game fire, relax after a hard day.

Ack, the chimneys are in the past, in the old fund, and it is often out of order, so come to the aid of modern technology to embed artificial fireplaces in the apartments without mixing combustion elements.

Electro and bio fireplaces can not only give a beautiful imitation of the image of the burning flame, but of course it is hot.

Runs on ethanol, ethanol in the combustion process releases heat and a little light, without forming any smoke smoke or odor.

As the logs employ plastic plates, lights and roll, which rotate the electric motor, they are also the "hot" flame in an artificial woodpecker.

Instead of firing from the heater – electrocassette with built-in heating element (TEN). Decorative fireplace for apartments with such a member can warm the room is quite real.

The heat generated by heating, homeFlower directs the outside, the heating oven can reach the range 50-70 degrees Celsius. The device is in good condition can work without interruptions during the day.

The quality and reliability of the products are much more important when choosing an artificial fireplace in the apartment, like any electrical item, a fireplace may be a danger in the use of non-compliance with the rules for use or if the production is not appropriately certified.

Photos decorative fireplaces in the interior of the apartment TLV Get Away in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Certainly artificial fireplace in the interior – it is very beautiful, in the market there is quite a wide range of products, so choose an option in the soul, will not be difficult.

Photos decorative fireplaces in the interior of the living room with open plan layout of MSWW.