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Bathroom Inspiration: The Do's and Don'ts of Modern Bathroom Design 29


Creating an exclusive and expressive interior designer is recommended to use the gray tiles in the bathroom. This standard solution has many advantages. Unlike the traditional white gray plates, they are not as easily soiled, and take care of it a bit easier. It looks no less impressive than the black one – but it does not make the situation obscure.

Gray – a truly versatile color that allows you to use some type of interior, perfect in combination with almost all other color shades, it looks noble and strict.

The gray color is often used in art deco style, minimalism, as well as in the wind and modern classical d├ęcor. If your bathroom will be made in one of them, it is necessary to choose gray as the primary colors, especially the style of minimalism.

Actually, gray is not a color, but rather a total lack of color, which completely complies with the spirit of minimalism. There was a gray ironing philosophy of this popular style today.


The loft-style tiles with structure, simulate concrete, stone or metal surface. Welcome combination with white tiles like "pigs", as well as bricks and metal elements.

Art Deco and classic

Art Deco style and modern classical mean use of textures that mimic stone, sometimes – the metal. Preferred smoky tone makes it possible to create an atmosphere of respectability.


Gray allows you to enjoy the restrained interior, emphasizing profitable stile races. Gray tiles in the bathroom will look good in all varieties of country style (Provence, Rustic).

Used for decoration with cream or gray beige shades, it is possible to obtain a bright and comfortable interior. Brightness and luster in the room can add a white plumbing, the presence of glass and mirrors and elaborate lighting systems. Furniture is also better to use bright colors.

Should we combine gray tiles with kakelandra colors? Usually, "diluted" white gray area recommends to prevent embarrassment. But if the gray interiors are really gloomy? In itself, the gray color is very rich in colors. It can be hot and cold, light and dark, bluish or beige, has a wide range of toner.

To avoid monotony, you can decorate the interior, selective tiles for the bathroom, not only different colors but also different textures and sizes. Some of the walls can be added tiles large tiles, mosaics and some covers, or put another small tile colors.

Gray tile in the bathroom well with fresh beige peach, apricot, and light green, pink and lavender. The classic combination of black and white and can not be neglected, it is always important and provides elegance. Beige tones bring warmth to the interior, green and blue – cool.

Furniture can choose color, and it is possible and invoice. White furniture gives a bath brightness, black-graphic quality, merges with the gray walls and allows an opportunity to focus on other parts of the interior, such as plumbing or mirrors.