design features chalet style

Chalet style is all about pared-back, organic design,
Chalet style is all about pared back, organic design, maximum comfort, and unrestricted access to nature. One of the defining features is its effortless


Designed in the style of a cabin can be realized as in a country house, and in a city apartment. If you're a fan of simple and natural interiors, this style for you.

The term "chalet" is quite well-known, and a multilingual good idea of ​​how it looks like a chalet style. Swiss "chalet" as the Russian word "hut" or "hut" – refers to a small house in the wilderness, built for the shepherds or the passport for travelers.

If we talk about the cottage, like a building, then basic building materials are the stones and wood, the first floor is made in stone or stone, the other is mounted using a tree.

The name is already set out the basic elements of the design in a chalet style:

The main colors of the interior of the style chalet consist of a mixture of natural shades:

Valid brooch color accents in accessories, with the sole condition of the application of natural natural tones. You can add some color juicy grass, a sunny day and pink sunset twilight. These types must be very sparse in order not to disturb the overall "simple" background.

The floor of the interior in the style of a cabin can be varied with natural stone or board, no extra color. A compulsory part of the floor should be a large cozy mat with high pile or animal skin.

Harmonically fit into the interior, and support a variety of "grandmother" things old sparkle lamp, clay sets, braided baskets and other attributes of rural life.

Pictures of the interior in the style of a cottage: living room.

Pictures of the interior, chalet-style: the bathroom.