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The Most Common Design Advice I Read, Why I Hate It, But Why It's Important


Equipping a new home is always lighter and very pleasant. When one-on-one with the room, which is to be transformed into a cozy living, you can inadvertently get lost. For those interested in stages of planning and design of repair options, but also want to find out in advance the most critical issues that must be solved in the process – worth reading our article on design studio. It communicated the basic categories to almost every living space.

We live in shades as relevant also to owners of a spacious apartment – bedroom. Discuss options for remediation, especially styling several spaces and how to combine an action so different in the common room.

options for remediation

Of course, all apartments are different. And a universal council for everything you can hardly do without. Nevertheless, we build on experience and knowledge of planning and variations bedrooms, we have tried to highlight some points to consider. Perhaps some of them actually help you and quick high quality ideas to improve your living space.

Disposition – the most important step of the design. It is the location of the walls – the subject as the hardest to change and facelift it no longer enough. Then give due attention and answer yourself the following questions.

Have you mistakenly missed this idea in mind, and it will now be a suitable opportunity:

Is it possible in this apartment any reconstruction?

Before you start repairing and demolishing all the wallcloth absolutely must understand what the walls of the apartment carry, and what – no. The iron rule – integrity support structures can not be changed, which means – not to tear or cut into monolithic niche or thinner walls – the manipulations that damage strength are strictly prohibited, and the consequences of non-compliance with these instructions and the acute state of The house can cause damage to human health, life and financial status. With conventional partitions, acting at their discretion – to tear up the old and build new ones in the apartment.

Do you need a large hall and corridor?

Most two-room apartments in the corridor area and the hall together can be up to 10 m2. This area is only communicating and often no functionality, except the hall corner, is not responsible.

Try to think if we can in any way pay for these precious square meters. Alternatively:

a) to perform the partition and combine the hall and the living room,

b) at the expense of the corridor or hall the bathroom to increase;

c) In some parts of the layout, you can make the hall closet, build one or more walls.

Are you ready to connect the kitchen and the living room to the studio?

This version of the remediation has its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages – space becomes visual, it is an opportunity for the whole family to spend more time together, to arrange bar, kitchen island or simply to increase the number of places the dining table is on reception.

Sometimes it is possible to change the allocation of space and, for example, from the former to make a spacious bedroom studio and on-site kitchen – living room. The apartment is in fact the result is no longer the two- and three-room. But here, of course, important to a good location and drainage.

Cons – The smell of food in the living room while cooking, common space reduces the likelihood of privacy in an apartment, this is especially noticeable, for example, if you personally will visit a friend / girlfriend and your spouse has nowhere else to "hide" other than a bedroom . Guest room space, is also likely to be in the living room (sofa bed), and during the visit relatives difficult breakfast, for example, when someone is still sleeping.

Decide what's most important for you and basically what you can donate and what to refuse can not be – it will tell you the most appropriate option.

Do you need two bathrooms?

Modern two-bedroom apartments are often built with a bathroom. Judges you need both – a separate bathroom for guests and residents of the apartment, although they are sometimes divided into male / female or adult / children. If necessary, leave, which is – but also can experiment with the size of the bathroom itself, which reduces one that seems to be too big or increased tight.

Have you solved the issue of storage?

A detailed analysis is required to planFind over where you store items and clothes. Perhaps the supply increases – often makes them disproportionately small. Of course, to do so at the expense of living space is not much desirable, but it is the best bedroom of two square meters less, but exactly than the big room, which does not have its place things scattered here and there.

Also note the changing room or area of ​​the cabinet. Think of things of all family members, off-season and outfits, bedding and things. All this needs a place, so be realistic and plan an adequate size on a wardrobe, wardrobe and dressing room.

quiet solutions

Here we only show the most bezproigry news trends in the design of two bedrooms, and you already decide – to follow them or to accept. These proposals refer to unit of style, so the most important task is to handle the entire space in a single unit – the room seemed to float into each other. It gives a feeling of integrity and even enlarges the area. While once very popular "in this room I'm Egypt, and in this – Japan" and that kind of looks clumsy.

What ideas or decision style should be in a two-room apartment?

One bedroom – an idea. This does not mean that all rooms should be made a plan. But the stylistic decision should be exactly the same. And even the children's room and bathroom can be designed accordingly. It's hard to talk about any style – in fact, eclecticism at the height of popularity, and it's a blend of classical, modern and national colors around the world looks really good.

But if you combine it in every room: eclecticism in the living room and eclecticism in the bedroom, not in the living room – traditional English classic and in the bedroom – modern style and furniture from the Ikea store.

If you like the rectangular shape, it is necessary support everywhere – in the form of furniture, in the design of furniture, and mounted in the ceiling. The same applies to the rounded shape or bion. If you like this method, let it be tracked in all rooms.

Are floor tiles, moldings, windowsills to be the same in each room?

We recommend using a single style for roof tops and floor tiles. Sills are better to be made of the same material, although the color and texture can vary. This rule is also intended to connect different spaces – sockets and lists flow from one room to another, visually connecting the space between them.

What rules control the choice of colors in a two-room apartment?

Color scale – like saturation or brightness. Currently, the most relevant white, light gray, beige and yellow, as well as all kinds of alternatives and combinations with other colors. It's important to understand – use absolutely all colors, but the tone should also be correct. It is absurd to look deep reddish and gray concrete, and the next – neon pink and sticky. Or in the same room a mild mint color purple and the one who rings, but the same color in its "pale" variation – more like lavender saw would be much better.

The design of furniture and furnishings

Do not buy kit and headset;

Now it seems to be the primitive method. Proven tests buy exactly the same performance on furniture that will fill the entire room. Much more interesting to look correctly and precise combination are suitable for each other, but differ in shape or color of products. The different collections, or even from different manufacturers recommended to buy chairs and couch, ceilings and chandelier pendants, a dining table and chairs, beds and bedside tables.

Use your sense of humor;

Well, if the interior is positive. We do not say it would be childish, kitschy or too bright. But do not deny yourself the pleasure of using a truly precious and exclusive thing – those who would be hard to find elsewhere. It can be bright colors chair in black and white living room mural on a couch with a picture octopus chandelier resembling formless model figure or table on a tripod like from the books.

There are colorful stores, where you want to go with the goal of just buying an item for the interior, and this will be enough. But he will carry his special personality, which is so necessary for every house. If the council has caused the rejection of you, remember, and next time, browse through the pictures on the interior, peek into the ones you seem to be the best – you are sure to find a confirmation of this dissertation – it is inevitable for the entire space.

The design of two bedrooms – a complex and important task in the planning stage. Here you must be consistent and very attentive. The transition to the stage of choice of materials, try to include everything easily, and then pull it necessarily will bear fruit. The result will be even better than expected. Take care of your nerves, time and not attach too much importance to the fact that this is not necessary.