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Transitional Kitchen by Regan Wood Photography


Designer Secrets: How to make a picture of the kitchen
Not so hard to get up and equipped kitchen, how to fix it, turn into a cozy and functional place to host a newspaper cover. This is especially true of homes with an open plan solution, where everything is in sight, and there is no way to close the door and hide something icky. We offer 10 secrets from designers who will make the picture of the kitchen.

The Kitchen in Arc8 Projects Ltd.

The kitchen by Chris Snook

Most often the kitchen is decorated in a light, predominantly white color, so it simply has to be something special, for example, shiny marble kitchen apron. He is always fashionable, popular and also practical. Excellent written to the interior of a modern luxury kitchen.

When monochrome colors multicolor can be added with the help of accessories. The result is a nice bohemian atmosphere. It is recommended to use three or four colors of the same saturation.

Kitchen interior of Blakes London

The kitchen of inspired homes

The kitchen in Pushh Construction

The kitchen should really be spotlights. Lamps should not only be beautiful, but also combine practical with visual effect, enhance the dignity of the selected color palette for the kitchen.

Interior food from Gregory Phillips Architects

The kitchen in the increase

It is necessary to experiment with light, unexpected colors. Deep Purple is a wonderful look at the background open tiles and dark gray furniture. Reflections glass and acrylic help complement a unique color scheme.

The Kitchen in Design A Space

The workspace and dining table are prefabricated and showcase their results, rather than storing all types of kitchen utensils, among which can be met and receipts, as well as charging and a laptop. Everything that is not used every day, you have to hide. Instead, a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful potted plant.

White minimalist furniture, LED lights on the floor and under the hood create a unique atmosphere and depth. Do you want anything else? Change the color of the backlight depending on the mood and occasion. Programmed lighting allows me to see the kitchen with a touch of a button.

The kitchen in APD Interiors

For accessories such as vases and pots, the rule of wood. They are recommended to use an odd number to produce maximum power. You can create a collection of three cute blue vases or large silver cans of different heights and shapes. If the kitchen is custom size, there is a greater difficulty with its design. We offer 10 professional advice on planning narrow kitchen.

The Kitchen of Harvey Jones Kitchens