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Tip designers to decorate the long and narrow space
While looking at the picture, perfect interior décor and collecting ideas for their own, sometimes it seems that all this only applies to large ones in relation to the premises. The fact is that if the pattern and decor perfect, the size and shape of the room does not catch the eye. Here are tips leading designers about finishing long and narrow space, registration that usually causes difficulties.

Tip designers to decorate the long and narrow space

Interior long live

Bedroom furnishings by Randell Design Group

Bright accents in the narrow living room

The most important goal should be to make the room comfortable, attractive and spacious, with the design not static or traditional. Recreation area should not be far from the place where there is a TV, etc. You do not have to put all the furniture along the walls just because the room is narrow and tall. This only illustrates the shortcomings that try to fight. Be sure to play with color. Bright elements draw attention, and the room will not work long or narrow.

It is worth focusing on the details that most will be able to derive attention from the lack of space. For example, you can use in the decoration of the small shelf instead of bedside tables and hanging lamps instead of flooring floors from the bed itself. The play of light and colors will do the job.

The interior of the living room from Amberth

Narrow gostitnaya in bright colors

The interior living room through Alex Findlater

Bedroom furnishings of Zephyr Inn

To create a multi-level decor, choose a different textures. It can be smooth and shiny surfaces, coarse and embossed textiles. For example, in an empty corner it is better to put a small nightstand table with a shiny surface reflecting light, thereby visually expanding the space. It is possible to put a bed in one of the ends of the room and do the main purpose in the interior, divert attention to the shape and size of the room.

The interior of the narrow rooms

The interior living room by Inigo & Co.

The interior of the narrow dining

Do not use flashy interior windows, as it will emphasize the shape of the room. It is better to use light patterns and ornaments on pillows on chairs and pallets covers, lampshades lamps, paintings located just on the walls. The most important task – to draw attention to the size and shape of the room and aim at the individual elements of the interior.

The interior of the library Cotton Tree Inner

The interior of the small dining room

One of the difficulties encountered by the Designer completes a long and narrow space, a selection of the center of gravity. If the work is still on the same level as the construction, it is possible to ask for a niche, putting the columns to these elements visually determined to limit the space issue. When on the surface of the walls in this room will cause the color, it will play different shades and reduce the size and shape of the room.

If the room is poorly lit due to the lack of daylight, do not be afraid of dark colors and tones in the interior, they will make the room cozy.

Living in dark colors

In the form of accessories, for the best effort, make-up items. This is another trick that will make the room visually bigger. It is necessary to avoid objects in a strip, as they are, on the contrary, the space will draw length.

The interior is better to choose rounded shapes

Choose furniture so that the entry is unlikely to put a wall. It is necessary to avoid a corridor effect and have section furniture. This method will make the space visually larger. For example, you can place everyone sitting together in a space in the room, instead of under the wall to put a long sofa. Do not be afraid to use bright color attire.

The lighting in the narrow bedroom should be well thought out, should not be limited to only lamps on bedside tables and reading lamps. You can set the built-in ceiling LED lights that they give are scattered throughout the room light. Built-in lamps in the niches at the head of the bed can be replaced or supplemented with table lamps and expand the space in the room visually.

Bedroom furnishings by TG-Studio

The bed is better to put in a narrow room, not together, and over if space permits. This technique will visually extend the narrow space. But if this is not possible, that's okay, then we have to put a bed over the room towards the door. For the decor in this case it is necessary to use a variety of pillows. But worry about individual narrow spaces, if you sometimes have to think about the interior of the narrowest house in the world, these are lacking in modernity.