do it yourself castle which you can take with you when you travel

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Mobile house in a castle.
Perhaps everyone would like to live at least once in the castle. And here is a simple, but full of enthusiasm family built their own castle. Yes, and one that you can take on a trip.

Castle on wheels.
The idea of ​​the home on wheels is not new. The caravan Siezen family does not differ from hundreds of other similar structures unless for a couple of towers and original designs, which makes it look like the Disneyland castle.

The truck, converted into a residential building.
At the same time traveling home on wheels looks unconventional truck, but it's worth staying in the parking lot, because it's a fantastic transformation: the walls apart, the ceiling raised and along the sides are developing two towers. The castle truck was also a place for "green" technology : solar panels and rainwater collection systems.

Mobile house. A place to relax.
If you go up on the roof of a truck equipped with a balcony, you can easily enjoy the surrounding countryside. In each of the towers installed composting toilet and shower with a small washing machine, respectively. Below you can clearly see how a regular truck turns into a real castle.

House on wheels. Kitchen.
The interior of the house is the original as well as outer. The central part of the interior is the kitchen. All the necessary full-length tools. Lockers are built around the perimeter. Sleeping is equipped in the upper part of the house.

Architectural studio A-Cero in collaboration with Mercedes Benz also featured how to extend the area of ​​the vehicle twice to get a mobile home car. They made it extendable.