elegant ideas for small apartment 51 square meters paris

A Paris studio apartment redo by Huff Harrington.

A Paris studio apartment redo by Huff Harrington. our favorite



Apartment in Paris: 55 square meters

How to make a small apartment in an elegant and miserable? What happens if the kitchen and bathroom are very small? How to find budget proposals for malogabaritki repair? The answers to these questions will be in a small and very attractive Paris apartment.

The elegant interior malogabaritki
Balanced white fat reddish red. It is assumed that this technique will be used in the interior owner of it with a calm nature. Impulsive personalities it can excite, and even annoying.

In the interior, using the three basic colors: red, white and black
The choice of white for design apartment is fully eligible. It conceals the deficiency plan and gives a sense of space. In addition, he always looks elegant, but in this case, more and feminine.

discreet decor
Of course, it was here and without any adhesive color. It made an elegant black. Thanks to him, the situation has become firm and clear.

The apartment is located in one of the historic buildings of Paris

Lakonic construction bedroom

small kitchen
In one corner were they could receive a sink, oven, stove, refrigerator and several functional drawers. We make them order, so how to find the right size furniture has been difficult and expensive.

corner kitchen

Paris is full of small apartments with an uncomfortable layout. One of the biggest disadvantages of such a malogabaritok – small bathroom. They can barely turn, but it did not bother with French designers. They literally squeeze in the limited space in the shower, utilizing one of the corners for this purpose. In another placed a compact washing machine.

Interior small bathroom
What crazy designers, when it comes to the design of small spaces. Some of the tricks they use can be shared. We have reviewed 20 cool ideas for each room.