english style in interior

Interior design: English eccentricity | Style at Home


How to describe English style in a nutshell is bezsporno aristocratic and classic! There is some kind of conservative convenience of your home, discreet and elegant. Let's look at the atmosphere of an apartment in the style of old good England.

As we already know, English style is classic, so the interior can not recreate this at a minimal cost, because the classic "loves" expensive finishes, elegant textiles, massive wooden furniture. Classical English is considered the wallpaper in a wide strip of dark green and dark red color. In general, the British are very fond of bright red! High armchairs c "ears", a massive leather sofa with lots of pillows, book shelves from expensive breeds of wood oak, walnut, mahogany and not painted, but only covered with wax or varnish.

Floors necessarily wood dark wood, brown or reddish paint. English style fits well and eastern, you can often find decorative elements povzaimstvovanye in the eastern countries. China and India can be oriental carpets and Iranian dishes, Chinese boxes and porcelain, Indian scarves and tubes, porcelain elephants and of course a fireplace and a special fireplace chair Remember Sherlock Holmes!) This chair is typically dressed in velvet, chenille or leather with a high back.

Textiles are another of the most important items in English interior, paying special attention to. Curtains, linens, lampshades, carpets and furniture cover – the most important feature of residents in England, they pay special attention to this.

One of the most common and recognizable patterns in English style was the cell so do not use the zabyvayte- in textiles, but without fanatism! It's best to let it be a pillow or hangover on the curtains.

English style often the main lighting is not used, given preference to an elegant floor lamp, lamps, and even a table lamp. The walls are best to decorate with paintings and photographs family. The English interior popular principle very "mirror", where expensive paintings decorated with strict frames simple and cheap to expensive Reverse frame Vintage frame.