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Everything for sweet dreams: how to choose the right bedding

Much of their lives spend us in a dream, so when making a bedroom interior, take care of the correct choice of bed linen. This depends on the quality of sleep and its duration. In addition, bedding can transform the space in a better way. How to choose the right set?

Straw shall be pleasant to take
Through bed linen fabrics are divided ice sheets, linen, viscose, cotton, polyester. There is also a division for weaving mind Рsatin, kalikå, kalikå, batist. Most quality is considered to be bed linen from long staple cotton. The longer color resistance, no deformation during washing and durability.

Gentle bedding
Go to the store for the purchase of the bedLinnen does not know what it wants to buy and what to give preference to textiles. This does not necessarily have to be completely natural kits can be chosen and mixed or synthetic variants, above all, that they are nice at touch and do not cause irritation.

elegant linen

Beautiful prints for bedding
Classical are considered white sets, but Today in fashion juicy and bright variants with beautiful prints. If the selection has fallen on them, you should immediately check the quality of the painting. Longer will last a kit that has a bright touch on both sides, quickly losing its appealing appearance from the stuffing of linen textiles.

bright linens
Good quality says tissue density, it usually means the label. A good indicator – at least 130-280 threads per square centimeter. Such textiles will last for a very long time and are resistant to wear.

Bedding, which is always decorating the inside
Bed linen is not only shared by typewriter, but also classifies the destination. There are daily kits made of durable and practical material, and there are wedding, gift and children's sets made of expensive and beautiful textiles. Behind them requires special care, gentle laundry and frequent use. They only tolerate about 50 machine washings.

Perfect for men's bedroom
Absolutely not the last role has color bedlinen and then, in what style it is made. In the master bedroom harmoniously look white, gray, black and brown sets of cotton and linen. In the room of the child or the young couple see large bright colored kits. Underwear with floral prints perfectly refresh space and is suitable for spring-summer decor.

Bed linen in the interior of a bedroom
It's very important not just to choose the right bedding, but also for a long time to keep it in perfect condition. We have found an effective way to help back the white bedding and pillows.