Features ofgrab bars for bathrooms

Bathroom Safety Features That Support Your Style -
Whether you love sleek, minimal design or are hooked on traditional, you can provide safety without sacrificing style.


Nowadays the use of grab bars has increased excessively to ensure safety, especially in bathrooms. The use of grab bars in bathrooms helps mostly the elderly people to maintain balance, plus, they also assist the disabled and children in order to use the bathrooms daily with ease. The best place for the installment of these grab rails is on the wall besides the bathtub, below the shower head and add an additional grab rail on the back wall in order to increase the stability.

Mostly grab bars are of the cheapest quality and are not given much attention to but recently, the idea of blending in the grab bars with the bath décor has originated. Now, grab rails of various styles and designs with mediocre budget are readily available in the market. The various grab rail designs that are popular today include:


These type of grab bars allow installation into any study at any angle. The chrome grab bars support a highly reflective finish and increases the décor appeal. It is mostly preferred to use stainless steel construction in order to increase the durability and it also prevents corrosion. This design has a 16”bar length and 1.0” bar diameter.


This designs also allows installation at any angle and is brushed with a fine nickel finish supporting a warm look of stainless to your bath. It has an 8” bar length, 1.0” bar diameter and 250 lbs. weight. This design also ensures durability and is corrosion proof.


This grab bar has a peened finish adding for a hammered aluminum look and is also slip resistant. It complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It has a 24” bar length, 1.5”bar diameter and supports 500 lbs. it also provides with increased durability and is corrosion resistant.

Many other styles and designs can be mentioned further that are compatible with the ADA guidelines with certain specifications but they do not require a specific style. For public baths ADA compatibility is of prime importance but for home baths such restriction is not necessary. Thus, it is important for the bathroom grab bars to be helpful and trendy, blending in with the bathroom vanity and paint job. Use of grab bars along with glass block walk in shower adds increased style to the bath. Other designs include; bronze colored traditional grab bars, cottage styled grab bars in vintage styled tubs and decorative arched grab rails with nickel finish also add to the beauty of bath along with safety.