Feel big’ small bathroom ideas

amir khamneipur gray bathroom


Day by day, with the increasing cost of urban space, small apartments are coming into existence to keep the total pricing saleable. And small apartments have small bathrooms. But small bathrooms should have all the elements of a big bath…..and that’s where the challenge comes from and makes small bathroom ideas so important. But not to worry, one can get rid of this fear of space by using the correct techniques and ideas like use of right color and lighting to create a roomy feeling. Here I present few ideas to make the job simple.

Use of mirror and glass:

Mirror reflects and glass is see through. These properties of these two materials can be used to make small spaces look bigger. All bathrooms have mirror above the vanity. Instead of using a small mirror, the full wall can be fixed with a single mirror or a hive of mirrors. Steel towel racks or cabinets can be fixed over that. The result……the full bathroom gets reflected in the mirror and gives it a roomy feeling. Also if the shower cabinet can be encrusted in glass, one can see through it, without any vision blockage, thus making the bathroom less crampy. 103

Add colorful accessories:

Sometimes simple things can make big impact. Same way use of subtle shades like white, reflects lot of light and can make small spaces look bigger. If white tiles and tubs, mixing in right slash of colors in the towels, shower curtains etc., can maximize the fun. 50

Declutter floor space

Sometimes it seems small bathroom ideas, can’t accommodate expansive bathroom vanities. But there is a way out. Even wooden vanities can be accommodated in small bathrooms by keeping it hanging by fixing it on the wall. This way the area beneath the vanity is free and visually increases space.

Another way of doing this is to use washstand vanities from Waterworks. The steel bars supporting the washbasins, in one hand, frees floor space and on the other hand can be used to hang towels. 85

Oval mirrors:

Install oval mirrors above the vanity, instead of rectangular ones. This is not only convenient for taller people but also, since they are bigger in height, they make ceilings feel taller and bathroom bigger.

Sliding door :

Sometimes a swinging door blocks wall space, making it unusable. Replacing it with the idea of a sliding door makes does not only frees up wall space bu also adds lot of style to the bathroom.