first there was tree 5 great examples how build building without damaging tree

An Incredibly Simple Way to Kill A Tree
kill a tree


The house, which was built without damaging the tree.
It's no secret to the total urbanization harmful especially for trees and other greenery. Their uncontrolled cutting leads to the fact that the concentration of harmful vapors in cities sometimes reaches a critical level. But if you try, you can find a way that is acceptable both for humans and for nature. This is a good example of how to build buildings, as well as trees.

Cylindrical houses built around a tree.

House cylinder with a tree in the middle.
The architect firm A. Masov Architects (Almaty, Kazakhstan) has proposed housing in nature as an alternative to the gray city "boxes". And to maximize the owners could feel their proximity to nature, the architects built a cylindrical house just around the tree.

Fuji – an innovative kindergarten, where the trees – the main attractions.

Kindergarten in Japan, where the children climb trees.
Fuji – an innovative kindergarten located in Japan. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that most of the time the children are on the street. Trees and ceilings – the most favorite place for children games.

Olive Tree Italian Restaurant – A Symbol of Culture Mediterranean.
Cook Osteria & Pizzeria – is it a small restaurant in Rome. In the development of its construction, Architects nesting, the company's experts tried to harmoniously combine tradition and innovation. A milestone in the interior is the olive tree – a symbol of wisdom in the Mediterranean culture. It is carefully screened by glass slabs, and the resulting "Aquarium" is an additional light source for visitors.

Niavaran residential area.
Total urbanization has set its mark on the Nigeria area, located at the foot of Alborz (Iran). Many gardens were destroyed, and their territory-built houses. That is why it has become a significant project Mohammed Reza Nikbahkt – residential area Niavaran, built around the old trees. Its design has been developed taking into account the fact that over time, the branches will grow in different directions.

Tea House. Wood as part of the concept.
Working on the design of the house Tea House, Architects Archi-Union Architects did their best to integrate it into the surrounding landscape literally. Patio balcony permeates wood and becomes the ideological concept of the project. And those who want a tree at home, but do not have the opportunity for natural causes, can order for his house almost real trees. It really made it beyond the usual seizure, but covered by this bark and leaf.