Five ideas for small kitchens

Awesome Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas | : Five
Awesome Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas


The solution to all problems depends on spring perception. Then you can endlessly complain of modest kitchen, and you can see its design is a complicated but interesting task. It turns out that a small kitchen – it's a big space for designer fantasies! So what technicians can visually enlarge the size of the kitchen and make it more ergonomic interior?

As the specialists say, the minimalist miner is very popular today. In the case of small kitchen style also suitable. Simple, clean lines, laconic shapes and a minimum of decor – all just play to your advantage. In addition, minimalism monochrome color scheme, which in turn does not overload interior design and makes it visually much smaller, on the contrary.

About the kitchen for a little space, every centimeter must be activated maximum. And the windowsill is not an exception. It can be used as an additional workspace – it is enough to install on the threshold bench. If the kitchen is too small size, herring can be transformed into a couch and equipped in such a way dining area near the window.

For example, if you do not want to deal with pastries, it is possible that you have enough loneliness, stove, oven and instead it will be possible to install a dishwasher. Or if you still want in your kitchen oven, but you have absolutely no room for a regular oven, you can buy a stove and oven, but to place them individually, the most convenient way.

For example, if the tiles on walls, floors and roof ceilings are to be carried out in neutral, bright colors, you can quite afford a light kitchen furniture. And even better if the kitchen facades are shiny – reflected in their light will visually increase the room.