Flowers that grow from ceiling and botanical imagination contemporary designers

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Inverted colors in the interior

The flowers grow down, hanging from the ceiling? it was not possible until the invention of New Zealand designers. But now you can decorate the inside of a very creative and impressive decorative element that can create the interior of a beneficial microclimate. If so, these flowers and how to take care of them? We decided to figure it out!

Innovative invention Boskke studio
Union of young designers constantly invented new and different, one of these discoveries was their Sky Plants (Heavenly Plantation). Guys have long been thinking about hanging flower pots from the ceiling and turning the idea of ​​gardening. This idea came to him when they worked inside a very small apartment. Their invention has made it possible to integrate into a small space of flower pots without compromising on the design.

Heavenly Plantation
In New Zealand, there is a small StudioBoskke design, which works in the production of unusual gardening and landscaping tools for private apartments, as well as cafes, galleries, schools, restaurants and other public places. The company's name comes from the old English word bosky, which can be translated as "small forest".

Sky Plants

Water flowers are very simple inverted
Each pot – a separate micro like it allows you to take care of flowers with minimal effort. The most important issue that arises when looking at the inverted colors – how to water them? Designers Boske thought about every detail. In a pot conceals a special water tank and a grid that prevents loss of the flower and soil from the pot. At the top of the pot, holes where you need to fill the water, in turn, gradually penetrate the flower when it needs moisture. Therefore, the plant does not often need watering.

Eco-style interior
Among other things, "Heaven Plantation" large, it saves space. Now, even in the smallest apartment do not need to look for a place for flowers arrangements. The only one who will get a ladder.

Flowers in the dining room

Where to hang these flowers? In Boskke think such a decoration to decorate all rooms. Lovers of cooking these wonderful pots will be indispensable in the kitchen. If you put inverted flowers in the living room, it surely will surprise guests and friends. The children's Sky Plants will be very welcome because the kids love to explore the world and try all the flavors, including plants. When it comes to these flowers, the parents do not worry.