for fans unusual holiday concept a floating villa

Bay Villas Koh Phangan, Salad Beach, Thailand -


Seascape – the concept of floating houses.
To impress clients and satisfy them, modern architects are developing more and more unexpected homes. This time presented the concept of first-class floating villas. Such hybrids houses on pontons can be a secluded romantic place for couples, and entire hotels, in combination with each other.

Architectural projects company BMT Asia Pacific.
Specialists on the branch of the international architectural company BMT Group BMT Asia Pacific reported an entertaining concept floating class "luxury" villas called Seascape. These triangular structure will flow out of pontoons. The area one of the villa is 65 square meters. If the customer wishes its territory can be extended to 170 square meters. meter, add a standard "kit" sun deck and pool.

Seascape. Transparent cylinder.
The main "highlight" of the project, the authors will be transparent cylinder (diameter of 4 meters) in the middle of the floating construction, dipped under the sea surface. In addition, it will be possible to install the bed. So fans of exotic can fall asleep watching the beauty of the underwater world.

Seascape – floating villa.
In turn, the Serbian design studio Salt & Water is actively engaged in the development of another home on the water. Architects believe that for lovers of the water can not be a hotel catamaran fits better.

Seascape. Floating house, in combination with each other.
Director Group BMT Asia Pacific Richard Colville (Richard Colwill) stated that "the new suite of floating villas will show how easy modular design can combine exceptional luxury and elegance." Despite the fact that architects are not positioned seascape as an echo-villa, but Their construction was not without "green" technology. Part of the villa for the operation of the energy from the sun and the wind will be used. Only now the company is looking for sponsors for its concept.