for lovers fantasy this themed hobbit hole

This Cozy Hobbit House In Idaho Is The


Hobbit treehouse – a hobbit house.
For more than 10 years, since the release of the cool trilogy "The Ring of the Ring" has passed, the number of her fans has still not decreased. So, inspired by your favorite movie, an American built a real hobbit house for tourists. Round doors corresponding to the theme interior will not leave any unrelated fans of Tolkien.

Hobbit House, owned by Gordon Mack.
In the town of Black Hills (South Dakota, USA), the Hobbit Treehouse, belonging to the fans of the movie "The Sagan of the Ring", Mack Gordon (Gordon Mack). Construction on wood piles height of 5 meters.

Hobbit treehouse. Interior.

Hobbit treehouse. Interior.
All inner space literally "penetrated" spirit of Midgård: the river sign slippers as a Bilbo feet, the overall color of the interior. In addition, the special charm is laid around the doors and windows. Even the original surroundings, the lodge has the necessary benefits of civilization: electricity, air conditioning, sewage system.

Villa Chateau De Soleil.
Of course, Hobbit House in the Black Hills – not just a thematic structure. Top 10 charming underground homes, hobbit-like holes, will hit its variations on the theme of "The Lord of the Rings."

A door in the American Lodge Hobbit.

Hobbit treehouse. Mini-bedroom.

Hobbit House attached to the villa Chateau de Soleil.
Visit and spend the night at Lodge Hobbit. You can only book a Chateau de Soleil (Chateau De Soleil) villa nearby. This building is designed as a large family, and for a group of 16 people.