fur and skins in interior

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It hides inside – it's luxurious. With this statement we hardly can disagree. Soft, comfortable to take, they create a warm and rich atmosphere in the interior. Most often these are used for decoration in the style of interior chalet, bedrooms, rugs, and in the form of bedspreads, as well as fur cushions or deposit in the measure of furniture for the living room.

It is not necessary to use natural fur in the interior, if you like aesthetics fur, but even animals that you want a wide range of artificial substitutes will help solve the dilemma.

Carpets of fur in the interior are very impressive in any space to go on this coating are very nice, bright colors, as in the picture, decorate all rooms. But also to take care of this beauty will be very carefully, in order to maintain the purity of natural products only suitable dry cleaning.

Bed as a central place in the bedroom, always treading the eye, decorating it further will not be superfluous. Soft cheek a checker would be appropriate if you pick up shades in the tone throughout the room, then hide in the interior will add a part of harmonious luxury vacation.

The bedroom fur in the interior can not only be done on the bed, place it in the form of small carpets, and himself will deliver not only aesthetically appealing but also tactile.

The fur in the interior is perfect in combination with thick fabric, velvet, printed pattern, velor and plush.

Cape coat in the inner always serious and winning bets. Plain chair or sofa, draped with fur cape, will complement the elegant design of the room. Use odd can be for decoration and for utilitarian purposes.

Natural skin in the interior is very hot, so you can use it instead of the carpet to sit on the floor.

If you hide in the interior, for whatever reason it is not possible to use a large area, do not despair, add "soft" interior can and cover for pillows. The sofa can be placed between two and four fur pillows, with color to match or contrast the sofa. Due to small areas, hygiene products will be much lighter than in the carpet, with its vision of a luxurious interior you will be able to realize.

Several examples are given in the application fur interior – this is not an exhaustive list of possible options. Using the coat is completely different, you can take advantage of our options and bring your own, but the result, in any case, will be great.