garden stones with their hands in the country photo



Recent design protection suburb areas are new trends. Instead of flower gardens and flowers come fantasy mini gardens. One of these songs is a rocky part – unusually rocky lawn, which can be built with their own hands.

Through a combination of rigorous cold stone-sensitive plants, there is a sense of stay in the corner of wildlife. Therefore, stone becomes an appropriate place for relaxation. This is a worthy decoration of each suburban area and a great way to hide the shortcomings of relief. Even the most unattractive dike or ravine slope can lay the foundation of the original garden of stones.

In general, rocky garden in a country location has several important advantages:

Create a rock band with your own hands is quite simple in the country – it needs to see a photo of the original songs from the stone and follow the recommendations of experts.

The rocky garden attention focuses on pebbles, unobtrusive sense of natural power and of great beauty. Some plants only play a role – emphasize certain aspects of stone fragments, which increases the impression of a combination of grace and strength. The purpose of this rock party – place one in the view of eternity and a sense of peace.

Rock Garden in Daddy usually designs there. It presents an interesting topography. It can be placed in the gap between the fence and the house that creates a smooth transition from the court to the buildings. Also excellent for this purpose, part of the forgotten corners of the garden, and deaf. On site there is a steep slope, you can decorate it with artfully placed stones, which lies between the beautiful flower arrangements.

In Japan, the art of this special offerGuide that takes into account all environmental factors – the location of the location, size, type and color of the stone. But as for the European stone it is primarily a decorative element, and the process of its accession is greatly simplified.

Rocky garden requires no special maintenance. Still there are general guidelines according to which stones will always be interesting and spectacular views.

Construction of garden stones with their hands first. It may seem too difficult and elaborate process. In fact, if you follow step by step instructions for each step and responsible, including imagination, you can soon boast a beautiful composition. It will always deliver a unique aesthetic pleasure and raise interest neighbors and guests. You can always enjoy handwritten creation, ensuring a sense of celebration and a good mood.