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«House of Essex» – the original home in Essex.
In the British county of Essex (Essex), the original original two-storey house appeared. His avant-garde facade reminiscent of a gingerbread house from a saga, or an unusual church. The hope is that it will attract light buildings in the historic district as many tourists as possible.

Architectural project company FAT Architecture.
Architectural Office in FAT Architectural cooperation with eccentric British artist Grayson Perry (Grayson Perry) after five years of work to complete the construction of the original house called Essex House. The house is divided into four segments ascending Each part of "slides" apart as a telescope. The slate is made of an efficiently varying green and white tile. The roof is covered with copper plate.

Subject's interiors, based on the life cycle for a fictional character.

House of Esseh. Living room.
Inside a bright red interior is decorated with paintings and gobelongs contemporary artist Grayson Perry. Theme design became the basis for building the life of a fictional character, Julie, embodies the image of the typical female Essex. Facade, interior, windscreen on the roof: all decorated with its statues that show the hard way of life of character: an unfortunate childhood, early marriage, divorce, unlucky career and death.

House of Esseh. Bedroom.

House of Esseh. The striking white and green facade.
Buildings take an avant-garde style, I do not understand everyone. However, the most important area in Seoul (South Korea) is a new building in the town hall. Its avant-garde architecture symbolizes the connection between the past and the future of capital.

Painting by artist Grayson Perry.
Despite this "exciting" interior, everyone has the necessity for a standard room accommodation in the house: living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Soon the house will be available for leasing visiting tourists.