home amphibians are not afraid any flood

As trees come down, some hidden homes are
Scientists in India found these frogs living in tree cavities.


Amfibie House, located in Bakingempshire (UK).
Every year natural disasters in the world It happens more often, and flooding – is no exception. Architects, in turn, offer alternative housing such as large flows can not podtopit, t. Till. The houses will rise with the water level. This review presents several alternative amphibious houses that are suitable for living today.

Bamboo House amphibian.
Architects H & P Architects company development boat, aimed at Southeast Asia regions. The main building material is local bamboo, which makes the production of these houses is not too expensive. Underneath each house, re-attach drums of oil. It is expected that in the event of flood, barrels will play the role of floats and lift the house over the water.

FLOAT HOUSE – House amphibian for charity actor Brad Pitt.
Architectural Agency of Morphosis Continuing House of Founding Hollywood Actor Brad Pitts Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans. This home called FLOAT House is intended for areas that are threatened seasonal floods. The house is located on the chassis made of a foamed polystyrene shell made of reinforced fiberglass. Under the house flood can be raised to a height of 3.7 meters.

Maasbommel's Amphibious Homes – home of Maas (Netherlands).
In the Netherlands, the problem of flooding is particularly acute, given that a large part of the country is below sea level. Architectural Waterstudio and Dura Vermeer studio complete the construction of a series of amphibious houses located in the Maas region (hence the name of Maasbommel's amphibious homes project). Although the house is installed on the ground, when they can flood rise with the water level. Electrical and sewage communication will not be affected.

Amphibious house in Great Britain.
In Great Britain you can also find a family-run amphibian. On a small island in Bakingempshire is a building that under normal conditions stands on the foundation, and with the arrival of high tide – rises with the water. Four vertical rack steel keeps the house in place, making it possible to rise to the same level of up to 2.5 meters, but it is not "float away" with the power. Alltms, many are for life not only in the amphibians home, but also in homes on the water. In the same Britain because of the high cost of housing newcomers often live in floating housing.