housing for these hippies house built from piles garbage

Building with tires is good for the environment but I'm not sure about the homeowners. As the tires slowly break down they're releasing chemicals into the


The house was built out of the garbage.
On a hill paradise island Florianopolis (Brazil) is a very original house. Looking at the bright façade, it seems that its inhabitants are real hippies. However, anyone is able to rent a holiday home brokig.

The house was built by the artist Jaime.
The idea of ​​building a bright house came upUruguayan artist Jaime after him once came across a whole lot of planks from demolished houses. The artist wanted to "revitalize" in unnecessary discs and began to build his own house. In addition to the construction of wood beneath old glass bottles, ceramic tiles, broken mirrors and other "debris" he found in landfills.

House with a colorful design.
After the artist lived for a while in his home, he decided to let others know the kind of atmosphere in the home and started renting out. Now anyone can rent a house for the weekend through the online service Airbnbs.

The house, built from old plywood.

farm design with glass bottles.
Online service Airbnb known for sinicke standard offers. In Norway, you can rent a house in the middle of the penthouse on the top of Holmenkollen. Cozy atmosphere, great view from the window, above the sky

The bedroom of the house for hippies.
Cabana Floripa more beds, so comfortably accommodate an entire group of friends (up to 7 people). Another big advantage of this house is the presence of air conditioning, which is very important for Brazilian warm climate.