how choose heater for house

Buying Guide for Different Types of Water Heaters


Eat provides the opportunity not only for the heating room, but also to decorate it, it is only the usual wood burning fireplaces, as well as more advanced biofuels use does not work in the apartment. But there is a solution – to use modern decorative electric stoves.

Outdoor decorative electric stove does not require extra charge. You buy, put on the chosen place – and enjoy the heat. Simplicity in construction, a variety of installation options (in the corner, against the wall or in the middle of the room), the ability to move to another place or to move to another room – all of this makes this option very attractive.

All electric cookers made homes can be divided into three types: floor, wall (or wall) and built. Each type of decorative electric stove has its pros and cons, the main criterion of choice – your needs and possibilities.

In the summer, a fireplace can be cleaned in a laundry room, freeing up space. Select the electric cartridge of this type is logical, if you live in a small apartment.

Wall decorative electric stove will be hamontered, as appears from the title – on the wall. Its size is usually less than the floor, and thus less and the heat value. Rather, it's a part of home decor space.

Another version of the heater for the home-folded. Because it must prepare a special place – equipped with a portal in the wall, simulate wood fired fireplace. It can be made of stone, marble, brick, lined with tiles or metal.

Choosing the electric heater of this type are owner-sized apartments: it is necessary to take into account that the minimum thickness of the heater of this house can not be less than 30 cm, as well as those who want to turn a city apartment into a kind of country house.

If your electric stoves for the home should not only decode, but also to heat a house, choose a model with a capacity of at least one watts. In cases where heating occurs at the expense of other units, and a fireplace only warms the soul and the sweetest opinion, preferably the least effect as economical. It is not superfluous to remind: in homes with central heating, it can close before the window heats enough to accommodate established a comfortable temperature.

In order not only to admire, but non-proprietary electric cookers used for the intended purpose, the manufacturer has provided a combined edition model that combines decorative properties and sufficient heating power.