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How to make the kitchen ergonomic paradise beyond the classic rule of the triangle
At the heart of the classic rules in the triangle were three most used items – a fridge, sink and stove. Is it always necessary to follow this rule? Many designers since the 40's of the 20th century followed him to save the movement in the kitchen, that is, to facilitate. Basically, the rule is justified, but it has several limitations and is not always universal. We offer to meet alternative ideas.

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The zone will assume a certain place in the kitchen, which performed some work or specific tasks. Basically, the area where food is cooked, cooked food and clean utensils. We can add the list to the area where food is served and used, where the hosts rest or work, where television viewing. The kitchen can also be a specific place for a pet. The main task for those regions – is to maximize space and ease of use, and do not forget the general layout system.

The area where we prepare and process products are continued preparation is of great importance, as 70% of the time housewife brings here. In this zone, the work area must be daily tasks, such as cutting, cleaning, mixing, preparing sandwiches, etc. By the way, refrigerators and shelves should be close to this area to facilitate easy access to food and cooking utensils. In the same zone, bees for cleaning and maintenance of cleanliness.

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Because in this area you have dishes, vegetables and so on. D. It is natural that there should be a sink, a dishwasher and perhaps a washing machine. About 20% of the time we spend in the kitchen is spent in dishes, so you have to think about how to simplify your work and save time to relax. Ideally, the washing zone is to be detached from the pretreatment zone and the direct products of the cooking zone. In the same trash must be the zone. Just to facilitate this area holds the cupboards with dishes. The less you move around in the kitchen, the less time you spend on the task. Furthermore, it is also safer.

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The kitchen in LWK kitchen London

It may look like your kitchen as a result. This kitchen was meant for a working couple. Because in this house already has a separate room reserved for the dining room, the couple would kitchen designer have planned a fast snack area where you can have breakfast and where the children can do their homework. It is logical that the refrigerator in the work area, but many prefer to express it closer to the door to see more often about the hungry.

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The overlap zone is displayed when the spacecraft is limited, but that is not a disadvantage. For example, the preparation area of ​​products for cooking and cooking zone itself patches due to the fact that the first is on both sides of the cooking zone, that is, the plate. This arrangement allows separate area where you prepare food from the area where you can put a hot boiler, remove it from the stove. If space permits, it is better that the zones have their place and do not overlap, especially in the disc space and the preparation area.

Imagine that you have chosen to cook something, fridge, an important subject of the preparatory zone, which lies in the laundry zone. If someone in this time dishes, then you will definitely bother each other. The same thing will happen if somebody else is charging the dishwasher with dirty dishes – it would only have under the feet. With this overlap zones, you can easily mix the disk to one that is designed to cook. If overlapping areas that can not be avoided in a kitchen where the space is limited, laundry must be separated from the area where food is prepared for their further heat treatment.

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You do not strictly adhere to the rules, just stick to them if possible. For example, the fridge can be separated from the cooking zone where you cook. These areas are functionally very similar, so this arrangement will not have a major impact on the work. Flexibility in decision-makingZoning in the kitchen, mainly due to knowledge and understanding, which owns designers. He will always follow the rule of ergonomics and comfort without neglecting aesthetic requirements. With the 40's of last century, kitchen machines and methods of kitchen design changed drastically, now based on the individual rather than the general rules. After organizing a space in the kitchen, you can enjoy its decor. We offer 20 amazing interior design options in a traditional, but unusual striped.

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