how make cover for houses with their own hands

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Sometimes a situation may arise where you need a space-specific part, for example to isolate the work area from the bed, or create a barrier against the light of a child's cradle. Doing repairs and performing partitions in this case is not necessarily even a cabinet or curtains to buy is not necessary, it is possible to solve the problem using this undeserved forgotten internal object as a screen for the home. We offer you a step by step guide on how to make a screen with your hands.

Running with the size of the screen design for the home.

For the manufacture of the screen, we will need the following materials:

Make a layout timber (4×4) with the calculation of the six bars on one hundred and eighty six bars and fifty centimeters.

Furthermore, for the production of sawed screen was on markup.

Handles in wood with sandpaper or sanding machine to smooth.

To get pre-structural layout screens for the home. We spread the long bars on each opposite to each other in pairs at a distance of 50 cm. Short cartilage hoppers have a pair, between the long bars, 15 cm back away from both sides. The third card was placed in the middle. Long fastening screws all bars from the end, on both sides. Hold together in this way, all three tabs.

How to make a screen with their hands more smooth? It is necessary to make the preparatory work for the closure of all irregularities and cracks – gypsum, after drying, place leather directed with fine sandpaper.

After the surface prepare future screens for the home, paint wood you like color.

Make screen bearings essentially substantiated. Transgresses to cut of tissue. On tissue measured six large rectangles with 152h50 size and twelve small rectangles 30h25 centimeters.

On replacement, reserve at least one and a half centimeters along the perimeter of each part.

That the screen goes to his showcase stage – with decorative nails and a hammer, nailed fabric with bent edges to the edge. On the inner side of a lane similar to mounted, in this case without using the fabric of pockets.

Congratulations! How do you screen your rukami- you know it's easy!