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Make a decorative partition between different zones of the apartment can be its own, without resorting to services from designers and spending heavily.

You will need to buy strips of wood (or strips of another material, faned), a pair of metal rods and strong rope thick rope. Instead of one of the slats can be inserted "slate" – it is modern and comfortable, for example, in the kitchen can be registered on the blackboard "job" yourself or home.

This option fits almost any style solution, if you follow the simple rules:

Creating a decorative partition with your hands is easy. Of course, you have to work hard, but it will be a real decoration of your interior, giving a unique look.

To make a decorative partition your hands, you need:

Make a decorative partition easily, following a sequence of actions.

So making a decorative partition is easy, you just need to follow the technology.

Much more difficult to choose the right color and material boards (this can be plastic strips or plastic plates), the most suitable for your interior design. If you need a higher or lower partition – change the number of boards that will be used.