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Bar voor in een kleine keuken. Ook leuk

Bar voor in een kleine keuken. Ook leuk in een studio als scheiding



The apartment is 55 square meters

Repair is always an expensive exercise. Especially when it comes to interior decoration from scratch. A lot of money is spent on new wallpaper, floor replacement, filler and leveling of walls. When repairing a small apartment in Spain, it has not only been possible to save money on building materials, but also visually expand the area and organize the space properly.

We expose only part of the walls in the living room
Specialists are offered once to sparafinish. For a thin layer of filler here, luxury masons hide, which do not want to hide. The work of the exposing cost several times cheaper than the extra alignment walls and wallpaper paste them. Stone walls have a special place in peace and warmth, feeling that sometimes can only be in a private home.

The walls do not close the wallpaper
When a married couple with a child acquisition apartment, in the repair of its almost gone. Despite this Novoselov wants to surround you with comfort, make your home an extra light and light. In order to complete their plan, they turned to the design agency Egue Y Seta, whose architects often face budget projects.

It was possible to save on the mucosa in the walls and buy wallpaper

Sunny room off
Other walls, it was decided to paint. It has also proved to be more profitable than to mess with wallpaper. We bought a pair of cans of white color and different colera. And then we started experimenting. The living room has created the effect of a blue sky with clouds blond, in the children's play on the walls that shine a summer dawn and room thanks to the yellow color scheme if flooded with sunlight. Combinations of different colors played on the visual ceilings and erase the limits in space.

To mark the kitchen, decided to use a variety of floor coverings in the living room and kitchen. The traditional for these places blue tiles is bought on sale, took parquet in stock and he miraculously came under the color of stone walls. To meet the tile bathroom has chosen easier. Its color has become an excellent assistant in the visual expansion space. On which do not save, so there is plumbing, and flooring in the bathroom – the shower room in the relaxed mosaic floor and the remaining granite stenas. For a small room it took a bit, so the budget this choice did not meet.

Kitchen, furniture, textiles, decorations and accessories bought at IKEA, where a relatively small amount of money they received elegant interior decoration. Of course, this is not the only option to save money on furniture. You can go through flea markets and sometimes there may be something interesting and cheap.

The interior was decorated with budget furniture

In Russian reality, only the techniques we have considered in the interior are: • Do not be afraid to paint the walls. Today, for this purpose, acrylic paints, which have little or no odor, dries quickly and are not lubricated, if you touch them. If desired, painted walls are always possible to hold the wallpaper. • Overstock tiles, wallpaper, textiles, floors and decor – a common occurrence at the crossing of the seasons when fresh produce chains collections, and the old stores in a hurry to get rid of. • The same situation is with furniture. In addition to sales, cheap furniture will be made to order, or to rebuild old ones. • Instead of stone in Khrushchev and stalinkas, quite ordinary brick walls in good condition. It should be cleaned properly and can be stored on the wallpaper.