how sew an ottoman with their hands

How to Sew a DIY Pouf Ottoman {Indoor
Great tutorial on how to sew your own DIY Pouf at thehappyhousie


Dilute the interior, make the room more comfortable – very simple. This will help you colorful soft, comfortable, and most importantly, exclusive ottoman from our master class. We invite you to familiarize yourself with simple technology for producing light home ottoman. How to make an ottoman with his own hands? Easy!

We sew "rainbow" ottoman, so patterns are commuted as a single object, the shape that resembles a triangle. Dimensions You can change based on the desired result. The most important as all the parts are the same. In total, you need thirty-six "triangles" on the front of the twelve, twelve, twelve for feed to the bottom. Example pattern padded chairs in champion class – see below ..

For the manufacture of padded chairs from our Master Class will need:

When twenty four of the carcass proceed directly to sewing. How to sew Ottoman is well on the picture.

First carefully attach to two tablecloth face napkins, the outer side of each other, both sides to put the wrong fabric together with pins and sew on the machine.

Seam iron iron.

How to make an ottoman with your hands, to the seamsYou get perfect? To do this, watch out for the seam smoothness and exactly hit an acute angle triangle in the middle. If you are unsure what you can get the job done smoothly in stages, first sew a pair, and then sew them to each other gradually.

As a result, you should have two "Rainbow" circles of the same diameter. Congratulations, you already know almost everything about how to make an ottoman.

Then proceed to connect the upper and lower edges. We connect the two circles to the right side, carefully the safety pins in a circle. We sew on a sewing machine. A third circle is left untreated, it is through the filling will be added.

Stitches again sure to iron an iron, it will give a nice look to the finished product.

Two more steps and you certainly can share experience with friends about how to make an ottoman. Except the resulting "pancake" on the front, fill the future poof synthesis filling through the left hole and sew the seam hiding the rest of the fabric.

Our charming ottoman is ready to delight you and surprise the guests.