how to avoid 10 mistakes in interior design

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Interior Design
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Many of those who are engaged in their own design planning a house or apartment, came to the conclusion that some things did not get as they were at the beginning.

We selected 10 of the most common mistakes during repair, and most importantly, show how to avoid or correct if they are still allowed after all.

1. Drilling monotonous colors

Some people are so careful about the color as the result is uninteresting, almost monochrome interior. This usually happens with colors like brown, camel, beige, green, gray.


the advice

Do not be afraid to put color accents, of course, moderate amounts, but still add bright colors to dilute boring monotonin of the same color. If you want to design in one color, try to use multiple shades of the same color and use as accents light furnishings and furniture.

2. Looks nice, but uncomfortable and impractical

Sometimes you want to use some inexperienced and original solutions, such as the chair intricately shaped canopy over the bed, a set of designer chairs, a sofa with an unusual mechanism for conversion or toilet complicated shapes. Unfortunately, very often it turns out that things that look nice, in fact, prove quite inconvenient.

Before you buy such things, it's important to be aware that they will be used for several years, and how you would not like it, but if they are uncomfortable to use, you still have to be separated from them.

Before you buy anything in the house, be sure to try them out. Sit in a chair or on the chosen table, lie down on the bed, visual try how you will use it one or the other. Always do this with a discount for many hours of constant use.

3. Too intricate layout

Wrong planning of the house or apartment – moreover very common problem. First of all, this is because the room tries to add spaces that do not match the size of the entire area. For example, a big hall is initially added to the plan, so you have to reduce other rooms. Then it turns out that the hall is not used, and in other rooms the extra meters would simply be unchangeable. And the layout in this case not only refers to the size of the room, but also the placement of furniture, sanitary articles, etc. in them. It is very important that all rooms and elements comply with ergonomic rules and in the future do not cause any inconvenience.

How to warn from these errors? It is necessary to think of the apartment plan in advance all details. The designer's task is just to see the race of an apartment or house in general, and then to organize it in the details.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you hire a hire instructor, at least for the remediation stage, as it will help you avoid mistakes in the layout of the apartment. If you come for the actual plan, controls should all changes in scale, go to measure their steps and building tape, or even better, to describe object masking tape to clearly see how much space they will occupy.

4. Incorrect lighting

Incorrectly planned lighting – often an error occurred. In addition, the problem may be inadequate or too bright at the inauguration, and in his wrong place when some of the lighting will not be used at all, while elsewhere it is not to be missed.


the advice

Pre-think system for easy-to-use types of lighting – chandeliers, spotlights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps. And in addition, install multiple operating modes of lighting, or simply choose switch with the function of light intensity adjustment. And in places you read, install additional lights or fixtures.

5. The subject does not fit into the overall image

Furniture and furnishings can be incredibly beautiful in themselves, but as a whole from the overall image of the interior, which creates dissonance in combination with each other.
Before buying a certain piece of furniture or furnishings, imagine it at home, in an atmosphere of an apartment or house close to all other objects.

6. Arrows of objects in the room

For quite a while, the designer was dominated by the principle of minimalism, but not in line with the concept, and the concept of usability, that is, only using the most necessary things. Other furniture that may be required for a party or friendly togetherness can be stored in specially designated places for this feature. In addition, the pile of unnecessary items not only destroys the appearance of premises, but also prevents free movement around the house, which is especially important for families with young children.

Better buy some really nice, suitable places than seats only set due to the fact that there are more seats. In this case there are very useful folding chairs or small pallets – it is comfortable and compact. The same goes for folding tables, their choices are huge. Designers and engineers are constantly developing new and new mechanisms for conversion tables. There are also some models folded ever think they can comfortably seat 12 people at the table. Such are the simple solutions that help you save space and do not rubbish the room with unnecessary items at the moment.

7. Incorrect high art

Then the error touches the area with so many originals and self-sufficiency, which simply can not be combined with other home furnishings. It may be an image that is too large for the size of the image, and the items that just do not fit into the overall style of the house, as a portrait of the Renaissance in the interior of high tech.

The large image or entire composition of paintings, sculptures and statues is subject to a very self-sufficient, vibrating, and therefore requires a lot of space. Be very careful about such purchases, which are certainly beautiful and deserve attention, but only fit into the interior of the same style and corresponding area. Artifacts of this kind are best to decorate the large, spacious apartments and houses.

8. Incorrectly selected wall decoration

This error is very relevant at the time of deletion, when it is necessary to update color or wallpaper on the walls. When the work is done and you have done all the furniture back, it turns out that the color or shadow of new wallpaper does not fit into furniture or, even worse, they are in opposite colors.

the advice

Prior to repairs, refer to the designer or colorist that he advises you on a suitable wall decoration or advance independently selecting a new color on the walls with regard to your furniture and furnishings.

9. Furniture strictly along the walls

With the help of furniture, especially cabinets, sk├ąpoch cabinets along the walls – a long-standing method of furniture remaining from that time in the Soviet Union. But how ridiculous it looks the big room where all the furniture is exposed along the walls, as in the store. Now it is very modern large planned space and space in a large room several zones, for example, living room and hall. This home-based method is very convenient because it saves space because of the extent of zone division.

10. Confusion in styles

This error is very common, because the simple man on the street is very difficult to navigate in all interior styles and immediately determine what the object to which the format belongs. That is why in many apartments there is just a tasteless mixture of a number.

the advice

If you participate in the arrangement of furniture in the apartment, do not be lazy to look through books on art history and decor.
Of course, there is such a style as eclectic, which is a mix of several styles, without creating a truly elegant eclectic design is very difficult. Try not to take risks with a mix of styles and stick to a style you have chosen.