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What color to choose for the child – asks all parents, furnished rooms for a child, and for children of school age. Of course, when it comes to older children, you can simply ask him which color he likes most. But if the child is designed for very young children or children has no preference, the choice of colors allows you to use a scientific approach, namely the three methods of selection of shades: through temperament, conscious impact on the psyche of a child and coloring, which is dependent child's age.

through temperament

Color quite profound effect on childbirth, so when choosing colors wallpaper, furniture or curtains should be guided by advice and recommendations from psychologists are considering each child's temperament. Correctly selected colors will create a sense of harmony and improperly chosen color can cause irritation or discomfort.

From psychology, four temperaments – one of the possible systems for assessing psychological functions, but that it has traditionally been used to write functions in nature and children's behavior.


melancholy: preferably gray, brown and yellow. Melancholy prone to constantly experiencing different events, he reacts to external factors. The rooms of melancholy are psychologists recommended using a neutral background and living accents that help raise the activity of melancholy.


phlegmatic Recommended shades of orange and red colors in combination with muted tones of green. Flegmatically slow, taken, has strong desire and mood, apparently saving expression of emotion. Orange associated with warmth, joy and happiness, it is uplifting and inspiring.


Sanguine will feel more comfortable with purple knicks of purple. Sanguine lively, warm, moving people with often changing impressions, with a quick response to all events happening around him, simply tolerate failures and worries. Purple color song-wise space should be used in small quantities, such as long-term exposure because it can cause fatigue.


cholera substance best fit blue, blue and green. Choleric fast, hacky, but it is quite unbalanced, with dramatically changing the mood with an emotional outbreak, getting tired easily. Blue and green colors are soothing qualities, they are directly related to nature.

psychological effects

Color gives a clear effect on psychologists. Below is a table of colors, describing the possible consequences of each color of the person. It should be noted that this interpretation – just one of many theories about tsvetopsikhologii.

Red is a stimulating effect on the psyche, can cause hyperactivity, fatigue, nightmares, in a small number of positive influences on children sluggish and phlegmatic.

Blue depressive nervous system: in prolonged exposure may cause depression and fatigue. A similar effect is reduced blue associated with nature: air, water, but still present.

Green – helps to relax and calm down, has a calming effect, promotes good mood, concentration.

The yellow color is not as aggressive actions, as red. It gives positive feelings, increases visual acuity, but is not suitable for overmagnetization and neuralgia.

Orange – is excitement, but in large amounts causes fatigue. Improves appetite.

Also worth mentioning is the well-known theory of color vision – a theoretical foundation for the L├╝scher color test, which provides a basis for interpreting human subjective relationships with the different colors.

According to color theory by age

For older children match colors It can be based on color theory the ages Rudolf Steiner. According to this theory, have a specific color, where the child feels comfortable every age group. This does not mean you have to annually glue wallpaper or paint furniture, you can easily complete the interior of the room, the accessories are in the respective colors:

6 – 7 years – red, dark pink;
8 years – orange;
9 years – yellow;
10-12 years – yellow-green, green;
13 – 14 years old – teal blue;
15-16 – clear blue, blue;
17 – Purple

Asking the question about the color of spacecraft children, keep in mind that everything should be in moderation – combine colors, combine colors, apply different patterns – the only way the room becomes a comfortable seating, school and childrens entertainment. And, of course, listen to the child's opinion, in fact, recommended by color just can not like him.

Good luck!