How to choose bathroom color schemes?

Bathroom Tiles Color Combination Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas
bathroom tiles color combination bathroom color scheme ideas neutral bathroom color schemes how to choose bathroom


Bathroom is one place in the house or hotels, where a person gets time totally for himself. The ambience of a bathroom can totally change someone’s mood. Naturally people visit bathrooms to freshen up, if décor is apt it could actually refresh visitor’s mind. When talking about ambience, colors play the most important role in creating or ruining the atmosphere. Bathroom color schemes create a lot of impact on overall aesthetic value of it.

Colors are known to affect mood of a person and a person’s choice of colors can define his/her personality. Bright colors like orange or red are known to represent energy and confidence, blue or green are more related to terms like soothing and calming, and black color represents royalty or boldness. Depending on how one wants to feel in their bathroom one can choose any bathroom colour scheme out of the hundreds available. To help you understand more about this, here’s a detailed description of color schemes. Colors could be divided basically into three categories: Warm colors, colors and Neutral/Metallic colors.

Warm Color Palette

Warm Colors include shades and hues of Red and Orange. As said earlier these are the colors of energy. Darker shades will depict lot of energy and could look stunning. Though too much of dark shade in the entire bathroom won’t make a good impression. Dark shade of red when paired with lighter colors like white, beige or cream will make a good combination. The overall look wouldn’t be too dark. Pink too falls in this family of warm colors. Baby Pink when paired with yellow or white gives a blissful and joyful look.

Color Palette

Colors include shades and hues of Blue and Green. These colors give feeling of freshness and leave a soothing effect on a person. Lighter shades of both blue and green work well with bathroom interiors. Blue representing water and green representing freshness is a perfection combination. Even darker shades of these colors work well. Only point to remember is majority proportion of colors should not be dark that would give dull feeling. Blue/Green can be coupled with yellow and white.

Neutral/ Metallic Palette

This category includes shades of black, white, silver, gold, beige, taupe and other metallic colors. A combination of silver accessories, grey and white tiles would give an elegant look. People wanting bolder look can with the combination of gold and black.

Hope this article helps you in understanding significance of colors and different bathroom color schemes.