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Mirror: Charming examples

The interior is impossible to imagine a bathroom door a mirror. If you choose it correctly, you can make a small room narrower – wider and darker – light. Today we tell you how to choose the right mirror for bathroom, change with this accessory interior, and what you should pay attention to when buying.

• Round mirror gives the room an extra volume, and makes a harmonious setting. • The square mirror will make the room visually more proportional. This is especially true in rectangular and narrow spaces. • Drag the mirror visually on the low ceilings. It can be rectangular or oval. • Horizontal rectangular mirror makes the room visually bigger and wider.

Round bathroom mirror
Many, picking up a mirror for the bathroom, are governed solely by personal aesthetic preferences. But more should consider the size, layout and shortcomings of the room. There are some tricks that will determine the choice of:

Mirror, which visually makes the ceiling above

Rectangular vertical mirror

The rectangular horizontal mirror

Square bathroom mirror
The size of the mirror may be arbitrary. A big mirror – a plus for a small bathroom. However, it is not necessary to place an accessory too low. The optimal height 35-45 cm from the sink. Adjusting these settings should already take into account the growth of all family members, so that each one was easy to use the mirror. In terms of width, then the best option – for width, but there are no strict limits.

light mirror
What would be the size of each mirror, it must be well-lit. Therefore, it is necessary to consider additional light sources at the stage of repair. If it is not possible to hang several lamps, the mirror must be positioned so that it reflects the light as much as possible. Then the room will always be bright and visually more spacious.

To reflect harmonically fit into the interior, It must be chosen according to the general stylist image. The room is decorated in ecological style and looks perfect in wooden frames. For marine interior the best solution would be an accessory, decorated with rope. Mirrors in massive frames that are relevant to the spacious bathroom. In small rooms, the best concisa variations look in high tech style.

Stylish design of a mirror

Mirror in a marine style

Elegant round mirror in the bathroom

Better to buy a mirror for the bathroom silverware and not aluminum. These accessories are more resistant to moisture and are visually attractive. At the back of the mirror to be an even surface.

The interior is easy and interesting
Unusual mirrors can be a highlight of the interior, and become a real art object. And you can see this by looking at the 19 magnificent mirrors that adorn any space.