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How to choose the right curtains for the house: 6 simple rules
The term "perfect home" includes everything – from the color and style to the decor and accessories. Although sometimes some parts are still noticed, they can significantly affect the overall impression of the interior. In this category, unfortunately, often few curtains are usually selected when all work has already been completed. We offer to disturb tradition and choose "clothes" for the windows only by following simple rules.

To choose curtains alternating

Curtains in the interior of the living room from Cravet Interiors

Curtains should fit into the interior

Interior rooms in Mediterranean style

Draperies, unfortunately, are underestimated for amplification and ergonomics in the room, and the costs for them as well. Their choices in any event can not be postponed later, when all work will be completed. And the spontaneous purchase, simply based on the total color scheme, may be unsuccessful. Inappropriate curtains can completely destroy the created image of the living room or bedroom, turning them into dark and gray space.

Selected curtains should look without natural extension of the room. It sounds easy. But many people who try to cut costs for them, buy the same curtains in all rooms. It can only work in some of the decor, but in most cases it will fail because each room has its own special theme, style and aura. If the budget does not allow "change" all windows at once, it should start with the living room.

Contrasting drapes from Carter Kay Interiors

United Colors of Studio KB

Airy interior by Chloe Warner

The remaining part of the opening and closing of Tom Stringer Design Partners

The interior of MH Interior

Simple curtains by Mary Jo Bowling

Thermal roller blinds are an excellent choice if you need energy efficiency at home, stay warm during the winter months. Curtains for the windows, and even on the door will create an additional insulation layer. But with spring's arrival and the heat needed for them will disappear. Light the cloth, but minimally protected from curious eyes, but good for creating air and relaxing decor. Make sure when choosing a need to consider how the curtains will miss the sunlight into the room.

Patterned curtains in the interior of Amy Lau Design

The original curtains on order from Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors