How to clean bathroom tiles and more

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A lot of people want to know about the actual answer of the question that how to clean bathroom tiles. This is because of the reason that other than the cleaning of kitchen, the cleaning of bathroom and its tiles is supposed to take a lot of time. You also have to do a lot of work, since there are different kinds of surfaces in the bathroom. Bathroom is such a place which really requires to be clean regularly since it is used a lot of times. There are also some people who find it very difficult to clean the bathrooms and tiles and they consider it to be their least favorite job to do in compulsion. Fortunately, there is a checklist as well as some of the natural ways for cleaning the washrooms, tiles and other surfaces there.

The cleaning of the tiles of bathrooms is indeed something which needs to be given enough attention. There can be a number of different ways for finding the answer of the question that how to clean bathroom tiles. If you are having microfiber, then all the tiles, mirrors, etc. can be cleaned by making use of it; it is very effective on scum along with soap, etc. Else there are a lot more ways that can be proved to be great options.

How to do it

The first thing you can do is take a mixture of fifty percent water and fifty percent of water. It is used for cleaning the bathroom tiles, cabinets, counters, etc. Another technique is to make use of baking soda along with water by making a paste of it. It cleans all the tiles and makes them look whiter and can also be used for cleaning the tough stains. If there is grout, then for this situation baking soda can be sprinkled on the floor of tiles and then sprayed with hydrogen peroxide that is undiluted; this is to be scrubbed gently with a toothbrush.

For stained tiles

For the stained tiles and tubs and other really very tough mess, the homemade powder for scouring is supposed to work in the best way. It does not even require a cleaning on regular basis. For the tiles that are on the wall and other surfaces in the bathroom are all cleaned by the homemade cleaners and there is no need for getting the expensive toilet cleaners and all.