How to give your bathroom a make-over?

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover


Transforming something old into a new one is something everyone wants to follow up. Getting rid of the old, outdated and substituting them with a modern, nice seems all good, doesn’t it? Of course, it does. It’s what life is based upon.

This cliché of life applies mostly to the material things. Material things often degrade in due course of time. So what could you do to change the tides according to you? Simple, face-lift them or give them a make-over.

Bathroom to goes through this degradation procedure. With time you get those leaky pipes, the corrosion of tiles and surfaces and the defamation of the bathroom accessories. The thought of needing to go through a whole new procedure of bathroom construction might come up into your thoughts. But don’t you worry. You could try your hand at make-over or renovation and that would suffice.

Bathroom make-over can be done for a partial structure of the bathroom with lesser of expenses or can be done for the total area of bathroom often rendering high costs. We here would provide you the tricks to face-lift your bathroom with just a nickel of a cost. Don’t believe me, read on and see for yourself.

  • Repaint your walls
  • Try a different coating of paint over your bathroom walls. Look for a brighter color to make your bathroom space look bigger. Often painting new color on your walls can give you fresh perspective.
  • Change your flooring
  • Go for new flooring materials. If you have tiles at present, switch to natural stones or vinyl or even laminates. This way you won’t have to shelve out more dollars and you could do well with the new make-over.
  • Change your accessories
  • Bathroom constituents of different accessories like shower-heads, soap-dish, jewelry holder, mirror, toiletry kit and more. You could change these accessories to give a make-over to your bathroom.
  • Replace or add lightings
  • There are multiple sources of lightings in the bathroom. The mirror lights, the accent lighting, the ambient lighting and all compromises of the bathroom lighting fixtures. Replace your old lights with new ones. Or you may look to add new lightings too.
  • Add new cabinets
  • There are many options ranging for the storage furniture in the bathroom. Add one of these such storage furniture. Try your hands at wall-hung cabinets, or the corner cabinets or even the vanity cabinets to lend that extra spacious feel.