how to lodge in the child with his hands

Meet at the Lodge: A Mini-Camp for Kids
Kids participate in hands on learning, with librarians and local experts, in Meet at the Lodge programming.


To the child to develop, we need tool-creative insight – that he has grown versatile personality, it is necessary for creativity. Indians Wigwam for this great-child will be able to realize his creative potential, and will always have a place to retreat. Tipin children can play, read, and even sleep. This is an interesting place for all types of leisure.

Children lodge need not be like Present, the Indian home. This picture of the tent, equipped with a certain shape and style. The child should be comfortable to creep in and record, but we must make sure that the construction does not collapse. I often think of a lodge when it is necessary for the children of the construction children to accommodate the boy. But the room for girls, he will also be appropriate, it depends on the materials used and the filling of the game site.

To make a lodge with your hands, you need to draw a pattern marker on plastic wax cloth. It will take long ruler or gradient. The pattern is triangular, has a width of 120 cm and a height of 180 cm. Drawn parts you want to cut with scissors.

From fabric to create a base in two copies, and a copy of a thin padding polyester.

Cut four fifteen centimeter stripes of string, eight centimeters in width. You will also need to describe the pattern of the band.

Sew a base with a thin synthetic padding, tape and sewn pockets.

Cut the wall structure. At this stage it is possible to fabricate the tissue to create applications necessary for decorating the walls to sew to the base compound.

The walls of the structure to sew leave some space at the top to keep peeking out.

On a stick put on a cross-linked structure, lock them in the pockets on the lower part, except to tie ties and strings.

According to this system, you can make a beautiful and comfortable tension that fits into the children's room with each interior. If you are considering creating a harmonious design, read the rules for choosing furniture for children. With their help you can create a unique fairy tale world for your child.

thin polyester padding;

A few meters from a suitable tissue, it is better if it is natural that the child is not hot in the middle;

three two-meter wooden beam with a diameter of two centimeters;




Polyethylene wax cloth;

marker, write the wax cloth.