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How to make a Yarn Pom Pom with
How to make a pom pom with cardboard discs u2013 materials:


Always nice to do your hands for your decor! Once you have created something that is impossible to find someone else, something unique, putting all the work into the soul. Today is invited to the system, how to make a rug of tassels.

The system is very simple, but first we need to understand how to do a pompom.

1. First, we have to make a template. To do this, take a thick cardboard and draw two circles with a compass. The result is a donut made of cardboard. The length of the nap of our pumpkin will be equal to the distance between the smallest and largest circle "donut". To complete the work requires two monks. According to the same system must be done, and the other to create a symmetrical soft mat with the hands.

2. The elastic yarn takes about thirty centimeters in length, and coating as a loop around the inner holes, leaving the ends in such a way that they are hung. Then we will pull yarn ball with them.

3. Start by winding the yarn on the pattern from the place where the ends of the thread hang. To consolidate when the opposite end, and then wind in the opposite direction. The narrower you wind the yarn on the pattern, the more layers and more worked, yarn ball will give a soft rug with your hands, an extra attraction.

4. Then we must hold the scissors between cardboard and cut the yarn on the outer circle.

5. Tightly tie a thread in the middle to secure a construction. That Pompon is not rained, shablon.Dalee tag must be removed from cardboard boards. If the bob is uneven, to carefully sostrically thread as a sticker give it a smooth rounded shape, such as uneven pompom change appearance soft mat with your hands.

You can also try another way to make a rug of tassels.

Small fine tassels easily made independent using a fork. It is necessary to wind the yarn around a fork and cut the teeth. To create a green pompom on the images to use about forty yards of yarn, for red – about sixty. Cut the thread length from 10 to 20 centimeters and drive around a coil between the average forks. Attach the ends of the thread using a strong device, pull the plug out of this thread, and again tie the center with a thread. Fan Pompon, which turns and cuts uneven edges, if needed.

The resulting tassels sew the usual method using a thick and strong thread or hook. Another option is to make a rug of tassels – take a cloth and hold the pompoms on top of it. This option is very easy to create a soft rug with your hands.

Photo carpet of tassels in the bathroom.

Picture of the carpet in the form of tassels carry leather.