how to make storage box with their hands

How to Make Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box


In this article you will learn to make a box for storing your own hands. Manufacturing technology is very simple, so proceed.

You also need the following tools – cutter, scissors, needle and thread in the fabric or sewing machine stitch.

Prepare everything you need before you start, namely:

We make a box with an open top, so the first cut with a knife the top cover of the box, eventually get a box of cardboard box.

Next step – to paste over the edge, act in harmony, we coat the wall of the box, leaning against the fabric, smooth. That everything went smoothly, do not forget to pull the fabric before sizing. At the four corners of the box you still have the triangular folds, this extra tissue, it has to be cut away as in the picture.

For additional work to be easier, it is better to allow the glue to dry, and until we coat the side surfaces of the box and put the top layer of glue on top of the bottom.

Our storage box with hands almost redundant, it is still necessary to arrange the upper edge. Coat with adhesive cardboard inside the box, the width of the adhesive strip should be slightly less than the width of the covering fabric, it will save you from drops.

The last touch, fix the handle. In the box slots have already left them to make tissue sections for space can be determined by touch. Cut neatly in a line, the cut in the fabric should be slightly shorter than the box. When the groove is ready, threaded handle is attached to the inner wall, and further reinforce the method as shown in the picture.