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Monthly calculation of payment for an apartment Where and one of us thinks it is possible to save on electricity bills. After a common "eat" the lion's share of our revenue. Charges for services are growing steadily from year to year. In July 2015, the increase was 7.5%, and is expected to increase by 5.5% in July 2016. Unfortunately, most of our citizens' wages are simply not keeping pace with rising prices. By paying the municipal average family in Russia spend about 11% of its budget, and 7.5% of Russians do not have sufficient income to pay on time and in full of the debt.

This article will try to find out as much as possible about electricity. 73% of Russian nationals on a monthly basis consume up to 150 kWh of energy, so their consumption does not exceed 750 rubles (at a rate for Moscow). But 25% of energy use is greater than this limit, so their consumption can reach 3,000 rubles. Of course, all depends on the prices in your city.

In addition, by reducing energy consumption, we care about the environment. Less consumption of the population – less power is generated, and this leads to a reduction in emissions in the environment.

The average coverage of 20% of the total electricity consumption in the apartment. If you have not yet installed in the apartment low energy lamps, please fix them. Bulbs – it's very expensive. It seems that they are much cheaper, but spend many times more "home help".

A leader in energy saving – LED light. According to various estimates, a work of a bulb of 50-90% cheaper than incandescent work. For the sake of clarity, a comparison with such conditions:

Another effective way to save electrical energy – is a duty meter. The principle of its function is attentive unit takes into account the energy spent 23.00 to 7.00, and one spent for the rest of the time. Yes, the vast majority of us sleep at night, but the technology is still running. For example, none of the refrigerator closes overnight.

Residents in metropolitan areas often get up at 5-6 am, so time to get to work, so the time of high energy consumption, as you will pay a reduced tax rate. During the night spent about 30% of all electricity, which is 3.9 times cheaper than the rest.

Advantage: differential counter will save 14% electricity.

The modern household appliances, it is an important parameter, which we often do not pay attention to. It is called "energy efficiency class". In order to save energy, you must choose a technique, a class not lower than A. Consumption in such technology under the standard of 58-70%. Typically, cost-effective equipment is much more expensive than usual, but he acts the same principle as with LEDs: more expensive, but consuming less.

Benefit: Assessing the real benefit of using such devices is difficult. Economics is in a wide range from 5 to 30%. Everything depends on the energy efficiency class, the number of instruments, the frequency of use, and others. So in 2012, the head of REA tehdepartamenta Shishkov estimated possible savings of 20-30%.

It is important not to forget to turn off electrical devices that you do not use from electrical outlets. Even though a microwave heats the oven just connected, so to speak, is "on standby", it consumes electricity. Yes, in small amounts, but remember all devices, which are also "waiting". As a result, accumulates a significant additional cost. Interestingly, even consume chargers as we forget to pull out the wall socket when the device is charging.

Conclusion: savings of 1.5 kW per month. More precisely, it is difficult to say because it depends on the number of electrical appliances in the apartment. Percentage of e / e saving in the range 1 to 5%.

Significant savings arise if pick dishes correct diameter. When we put the plate on the pot smaller diameter, the heat is spent on warming up the air.

If the apartment has gas, the presence of water kettle forget. Modern gas cookers use a minimal amount of energy, as it is only necessary to put on fire. Gray kettle on the gas, the cost of electricity is not.

Maker treated "monster" power consumption. On average, its capacity is from 1.5 to 2.5 kW / h. Suppose we gray tea three times a day for 5 minutes. Daytime energy consumption equal to 0.38 kW to 0.63 kW per day. For a month, respectively, of 11 kW to 19 kW.

Advantage: Without using tea, 73% of families in Russia will be able to save energy by 7%.