how to sheath the house with his own hands step by step instructions



Finishing Siding – a decoration that refers to outdoor use and is designed for all residential or commercial buildings. This cladding is also for old houses, because the low weight of the structure can not damage the foundation.

The popularity of sidetracks grows over the years, due to:

The big advantage is that any structure can be given a modern look with their own hands, to save money on services by specialists.

Depending on the architectural function building and its different types of operating conditions, sideways can be used. Different material strength values, skeletal load, maintenance functions.

Today, along with the proposed side track accessories for the decoration of houses of different configurations. When you buy the buyer is enough to indicate the dimensions of the walls, the presence of windows, the type of roof and the consultant will calculate the right amount of materials and trim elements.

The paper used in the following accessories:

During the preparatory work carried out dismantling walls protruding elements Including doors, grille, envelopes. Around the door and window openings must be sealed. Wall surfaces should be cleaned by removing dust, dirt, mold, broken old trim.

The panels must be attached to the glass panel. For vinyl used Profile wood ribsSome should be treated before antiseptic and dry. For metal side tracks it is better to create a frame for galvanized profile.

Laser tape measure or level of wall barrier marked with straight lines to form a closed circuit. The following overview is carried out below, at the level of the lid, measuring the distance to the corners of the walls and finding the lowest velocity of the lid. At this point, it will set the starting strip. This process is very important because it affects whether the entire cladding panel is skewed.

In the corners of the wall mounted vertical guides, they are mounted with U-shape elements. These elements must fit tightly against the wall, this can be achieved by using wood or foam inserts. The guide should be placed with an increase of 30-40 cm. Near window and doorways, the number of guides is set for additional mechanical stress. The vertical guides to each other do not need to be connected, it promotes good ventilation.

Door and window openings are framed by J profiles and galleries. H-profiles when mounted vertically adjusted with the level. It is provided in a gap of 5 mm at the ends to prevent deformation during expansion. In the area of ​​the roof is installed finishing list.

Panels begin to indicate when additional elements are mounted. The lowest number is assigned to the start field at the bottom of the locking element. The panel is attached with screws to the top of their turns 40 cm. Similarly, all other installation sideways panels, with each next rising up to the ceiling. Sideways should be movable, so you should not mount it too hard. At the top of the structure sets the finish panel.