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How to use the basic colors in the interior
The choice of colors for the interior mainly depends on personal preferences. Colors can love, but you can not transfer them to others. Most often, when you do use multiple shades of gray or beige, white and black. But there are plenty of options, showing that wide color palettes can create mood and solve serious design problems.

Gray in the interior of the dining room

The red color in the interior

Gray. Initially, Gray entered the interior just like a fashion trend, but attention to it still not diminished. Along with the dark charcoal color it will help to create a spectacular dining room, with faded tones and it is excellent choice for a quiet bedroom filled with sunlight.

Red. It is high time to move away from the traditional use of red color somewhere out in the garden. Lots to agree to the owners, so it is on the front door of a red-brown color. But because of different shades of red can make incredible accent the wall. And the simple striped pillows will make a deep impression.

The pink color in the interior

The orange color in the interior

The yellow color in the interior

Yellow. Yellow – this is one of the colors that can make people happy. It fits perfectly with blue, gray or any other neutral color.

Green color in the interior

The blue color in the interior

Blue. Sometimes bright and piercing, sometimes mild and calm blue can miracle in the inner transformation.

Purple color in the interior

Purple. Unfortunately. The purple color is not at the forefront of the choice of colors for the interior. But if you use it properly and pick up a harmonious pair, he can surprise in modern and traditional interiors.

White. Sometimes it's the best choice – it's easy. Not to be considered a matte white color. He has his own character, just needs to make the right accents.

White color in the interior

Brown. Although all kinds of shades have all been boring for many decades. Nevertheless, do not abandon him. Bright colors are ideal for creating a calming interior and chocolate can create a sense of expressiveness.

Brown color in the interior

Black. Sometimes a black can not be very shy ceremony and paint them as many surfaces as possible. Although it is very dark, it will look good as a neutral background, but much more efficient. A stunningly beautiful look in black and white color combination, no wonder it's considered a classic.