Ideas for decorating small and cramped living room

Amy Stone's Brooklyn living room, featuring wicker chairs and a small velvet sofa.


In case your little apartment mentions you choose a living room a lot of space, do not worsen the situation by purchasing bulky furniture uncomfortable size, but rather use the space for a living.

Creating space savings at the forefront, you herewith, you are freeing your room to life. In addition, not only the value of furniture size, but also its shape. Do not buy a small living room around the table – it's not practical and takes up a lot of space, as if you do not like. Instead, it is better to put a small coffee table rectangular. The couch that you put in the living room can be a couch – so you will get more seats when you have guests.

Because the space in the living room a little, you can not place it as much as you want. Prioritize and equip the living room, based on what I do in this room. For example, if you want, first and foremost is keeping the library and other, then you will approach the wall for comfortable accommodation. If the room you need to gather a tight circle of friends for a light cocktail, secure space in the middle of the room as much as possible a comfortable sofa and a small serving table. If you plan to often hold family dinners and parties, then you no longer fit a dining table with chairs.

Preferably, the furniture must be mobile, that is, it can be moved without problems, if needed. So there will be a serving coffee table, approach the sofa when the guests came and chair TV to complement this a tight circle.