in harmony with nature brutal house in the middle of a meditative landscape

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: Sibelius: Apparition
by Alex Ross. The New Yorker, July 9, 2007.


Casa L4 – holiday home in Argentina.
Concrete walls and exact geometry house surprisingly successfully into the Argentine countryside with green pines and dunes. In such a situation, this brutal design emphasizes some kind of meditative peace and quiet.

Architectural design Luciano Kruk and Ekaterina Kunzel.
Architect Luciano Kruk and his assistant (late girl) Ekaterina Künzel designed and built a house called Casa L4. The farm is located in the forest belt, just 200 meters from the sea.

Country house in picturesque countryside.
The main building material used concrete. Architects rely on their durability and ease of operation for many years. In addition, the color of concrete, and its structure in perfect harmony with the landscape.

Casa L4. Bedroom.
On both sides of the house glazed from floor to ceiling, so the natural light passes freely inside the house, and the owners offer stunning views of the pine forest.

Stairs as an independent part of the interior.
The Casa L4 area is 183 square meters. On the same floor there is a living room, dining room with kitchen, 4 bedrooms and bathroom. The staircase connects the entrance to the house and access to the ceiling, looks like the original part of the interior.

Casa L4. Living room.