in spirit minimalism house with simple and clear geometry

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Minimal style Boxlike House


Geres House in minimalist style.
In one of the most picturesque and peaceful villages of iPortugal, residential buildings were found. The hosts wished his design was very concise, so as not to overlook the beauty of the surrounding nature. Architects so accurately met the request of customers: nothing more, just a simple and accurate geometry.

Architectural design studio Carvalho Araujo.
Architectural studio Carvalho Araújo complete the construction of a private house Gerês House, located in a valley near Caniçada Braga (Portugal). Designers intend to fulfill the residential minimalist spirit, focusing on the beautiful surrounding nature.

Geres House – a house in a picturesque valley.
The house is just steps from the lake. The outdoor pool and the track, made of gravel, perfectly integrate the house in the landscape and create a quiet aesthetic stay in the countryside.

Geres House – a residential building in a spirit of minimalism.

Geres House. Facade.
In Buenos Aires you may not be equal in their house properties. This mansion is similar to a whirlwind of geometric shapes.

Geres House. Interior.
Inside the house is dominated by concrete and natural wood. Large windows allow natural light to penetrate freely inside the house. The interior is no less laconic than the façade of the house. No extra items of decoration, but the simplicity of the lines are clear.