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Bright ideas children's room decor.
Perhaps all parents want to make children's rooms a special place, where will rule the atmosphere of comfort and celebration. And to get the desired result, it's not necessary to invest a lot of money in repairs. It is enough to use creative design ideas we have gathered for our readers in this survey.

"Owls" Felt mobile.

The interior with the walls in the style of Super Mario.
Solid walls can be decorated with simple labels based on the popular game Super Mario. The advantage of this decoration is that when the child grows up, these stickers can be removed or replaced without difficulty.

Charming movement with felt owls, clouds and month will be a bright ornament a crib and will delight your child the first months of life.

Wall panels with small figures.
With the advent of the child in the house immediately show masses of different toys. Unnecessary plastic figures can make a huge light panels, which will also be a unique decoration of the nursery school.

Light paper birdhouses.

Shelf life house.
A huge shelf in the form of a doll house, sure to win the heart of a little princess.

Balloons in the interior of the nursery school.
Conventional balls can be transformed into a river basin. To create unique decorations need acrylic paints, cloth threads, net "bags", bands and of course pearls or small children's balls.

The Shadow of Peter Pan.
Decorate the walls of a child's fairy-tale shadows, which can draw water-soluble paint or take advantage of special interior labels.

Bright letters above the crib.

Pictures of buttons.
Pictures of animals, birds, flowers and trees, lined with colored buttons and glued to paper, will be a unique decoration of the usual children's bedroom.

Decorative fences and flowers.
Decorate the walls of children using artificial flowers and decorative fences.

The Dutch interior door.
Dutch door looks like usual, but if you look closely you can see that it has two separate blocks. Open only possible to observe the upper arc door for what happens in children without having to worry about what a child will be released independently.

Rainbow Children's Textiles.
Cementeneedle can make a light blanket for a cot light, food, napkins and more.

Bright stadium.
Stadio – not only a good thing, but also a bright child part of the decor.

Children with slate.
Slate in children's show makes your imagination to the fullest. Describing different patterns, you can change almost everyday the child's interior.

Decorate the nursery using white clouds made of cotton or padding polyester.

Clouds in the interior of the nursery school.

Cushions handmade.
Treat baby soft mat puzzle, consisting of a pair of pillows.