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Design Style: Shabby Chic Inspired Interiors |
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Shabby-chic style in the interior appeared in the late nineties. Its founder was the designer, buying old furniture and giving her a new life using decorating techniques.

To begin with, Rachel Ashwell created a design style Shabby-chic in his house, and then spread his principles throughout the world. Even originally this mild and largely "female" style old good England, but it is possible to trace and clean, classic lines of Swedish design, and quite simple French country houses.

The room in this style takes us in the atmosphere, sun, free fall. Although the window of autumn rain, there is always light and joy. "Chebbi" is translated as "lumpy". Most likely, this style has got its name because it is used in a large number of old worn furniture and other vintage items, with the marking time.

The main colors of design in style shabby-chic – white, pastel pink, same blue. It is especially important that in such colors have suffered and furniture.

All objects used in the construction space must be feminine, delicate, light.

Shabby-chic style in the d├ęcor is not possible unrealistic things from the past. We have to dig around flea markets and bazaars, look for furniture, porcelain, maybe the technology of the fifties of the twentieth century.

You want to arrange space in this style? Here are some rules that help achieve this:

The beauty Shabby-chic style design – each one at its closeness. He reminds of golden age – our childhood, and my grandmother's house in the summer sun village.