interior design small bathroom

Small Bathrooms
Make a Small Bath Look Larger


Interior small bathroom is executed differently, more often, which saves space is due to the use of the shower, in this case, another option is chosen. Space saving was achieved through irregularly shaped acrylic bathtubs, it is smaller in diameter, but deeper than a regular bath, small bathroom design in the form of an oval, to create a place for small things along the perimeter, at the expense of front boxes.

Design bathrooms in the bathroom are worth considering, it is designed as a combined bidet, using a hanging rod, visually "facilitating" quite extensive construction. Strongly shaped bidet, draw attention and use the built-in pushbutton, and then how seriously bothering designers use design in the design of toilets in the bathroom weighs a lot and lies solely on the capital base, such as concrete or brick.

All communication is hidden from the eyes of Falshstenoy, which at the same time creates a niche for himself and bathroom shelves. For walls and create a unique interior small bathroom light gray shade it was used as a white, well-known for its features to visually improve the area.

Mirror cabinet dark facade, which rests the free wall of the pool, it has an impressive storage capacity. The division into sections makes it more comfortable operation. Designers have left all the details, switches and sockets are hidden from the eyes and under one of the parts of the wall cabinet.

Designing a small bath of acrylic looks very compact, but its real dimensions – 180? 90 cm. Unusual cranes from well-known designers, based on "theme" non-standard solutions, began design toilets in the bathroom.

Design Design small bathrooms.